03. 31, 2015

Ritsumeikan Seminar Series (pilot)

The 1st Ritsmeikan Seminar Series was held on 3 March, 2015. About 25 participants attended this 1st pilot seminar including the guests invited by Ritsumeikan UK Office.

Speakers were Professor Katsuyuki Hidaka and Toshiko Sakamoto from College of Social Sciences, Ritsumeikan University. Professor Hidaka gave a talk entitled "Consuming the Past: Japanese Media and Twenty‐first Century”, and Professor Sakamoto spoke about "Institutional commitment to integration of international and local students on campus”. There was a vigorous questioning after the talks and it ended on a high note.

We will invite variety of speakers from universities, such as University of London, faculty members and researchers from Ritsumeikan University/Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, and the business communities from now on under Japan-related themes to promote publication of research results, research exchanges and networking.

Professor Hidaka’s lecture

Professor Sakamoto’s lecture

This time both talks were delivered in English, however, we are planning to organise talks also in Japanese in the future. Aiming to act as an “invaluable reference source for Japan” in the U.K., we would like to continue to organise events like this. If you have any suggestions or comments regarding topics or speakers, please let us know.

Ritsumeikan UK Office