11. 19, 2013

High School students from Delhi Public School Bangalore South visits Ritsumeikan University

On the 12th November, 2013, 8 high school students from Delhi Public School (DPS) Bangalore South visited Ritsumeikan University Kinugasa Campus. Ritsumeikan India Office received a request from Ms. Syeda, a Japanese Language teacher at DPS to visit Ritsumeikan.

As they were considering to study in Japanese universities in the future, they observed 3 classes from the Global Studies (GS) courses, which were Comprehensive Japanese, Peace Museum Seminar, and Global Environmental Issues. They received warm welcome in each class, and experienced university lectures.

After observing lectures, they had lunch at the cafeteria with 4 volunteer Japanese students. Ever since the group arrived in Japan, they had been eating mainly at Indian restaurants. The seemed to be quite interested in the school cafeteria and enjoyed the carefully selected dishes as well as the fun conversation they had with Japanese students over lunch.

We are very pleased to see Ritsumeikan being acknowledged by more people in other countries through our overseas offices, and they actually visit us in Japan. We will proactively keep transmitting our value to the world through such activities.

Observing the lecture of Comprehensive Japanese

Being introduced to the class at Peace Museum Seminar

Choosing the dishes carefully

Lunch with Japanese university students

Lunch with Japanese university students

Photo shoot in front of the symbolic clock tower of Zonshinkan Hall