06. 13, 2014

Students at Jazan University visited Ritsumeikan University Biwako-Kusatsu Campus

We welcomed 8 students and a professor from Jazan University, Saudi Arabia on Thursday 12 June.

Jazan University organizes an overseas study tour every year as a part of educational programs. Since 2012, Japan International Cooperation Center has been given a commission to operate the tour and they have visited Japan twice. They major in computer science, information system, and computer and network engineering. This time they are planning to visit universities and companies in Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya and Tokyo during their stay in Japan. It was our second time to have visitors from Jazan University following last year, and they visited College of Information Science & Engineering, BKC International House, Bokewara Historical Site and so forth.


Some Saudi Arabian students and a Japanese student at Ritsumeikan University joined for lunch. Although students at Jazan University first appeared a little bit nervous, they seemed to be having a fun time as they exchange words with Ritsumeikan students.


Surprisingly, Ritsumeikan University has a historical site in the basement of Quince Stadium at BKC. Bokewara Historical Site used to be an iron manufacturing complex used from the end of the 7th century to the beginning of the 8th century where people produced ironware, porcelains, and even temple bells. Feeling the cold air on their faces, they had a very unique experience looking around the site.



They also attended lectures on Multimodal User Interfaces for Affective Computing Systems and Garbage Collection given by Dr. Kryssanov and Dr. Piumarta on at College of Information Science & Engineering.


We hope that through the study tour they will get more interested in Japanese universities and it will promote further educational and research exchanges between Saudi Arabia and Japan.