09. 18, 2014

Mr. Christopher Lloyd gives a talk at Ritsumeikan Junior and High School

On September 17th, Wednesday, Mr. Christopher Lloyd, the author of the world best-seller “What on Earth Happened?”, gave his lecture at Ritsumeikan Junior and High School. It was his 2nd lecture at the school since he visited Ritsumeikan University and Ritsumeikan Junior and High School last year in 2013.

At the beginning of his lecture, Mr. Lloyd emphasized the importance of using your own brain and words when you talk to people instead of relying on notes and presentation materials. In order to demonstrate his theory, he didn’t use any written papers, but showed 20 different objects such as a blue balloon (for big bang), an empty jar (for air), and fossils to explain what happened from the beginning of the universe to the present history in an interactive way so that it will remain in the students’ memories. He concluded his talk by sending students a message that it is important to look at things with a wider view to capture the context and then find out what should be learned and done to achieve their own mission.     

Students raised some questions such as “what do you think about Japanese education system to separate humanity studies from science?” or “What is the best way to interconnect different areas of study when you study them? ” The lecture was carried out in a very relaxing yet exciting manner helped by Mr. Lloyd’s humor, all in English from MC and speech conducted by two students to Q&A.

After the lecture, some voluntary students showed him around the new campus of Nagaokakyo launched just in the beginning of September, and he was very impressed by creative and clean facilities such as gymnasium, tea ceremony room, library, swimming pool, and classrooms. His visit was truly welcomed by all the students. 

Mr. Christopher Lloyd introduced by a MC student

Students eagerly listening to his lecture

Looking over a nice view from the rooftop garden