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03. 11, 2015

The Second University Administrative Training Course for MJIIT (Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology) Staff Members Held at Ritsumeikan

The two-week university administrative training course for MJIIT young staff members was held at Ritsumeikan University from 24 February to 6 March.

The participants from MJIIT deepened their understanding of Japanese higher education and Ritsumeikan’s education, research and comprehensive student support through lectures delivered by the faculty members. 
During the training, a round-table session was held on 27 February for staff members of MJIIT and Ritsumeikan to exchange their opinions about the current situation and issues at each university. The participants also visited famous temples in Kyoto such as Kinkakuji and Kiyomizu Temple with two Malaysian students currently studying at Ritsumeikan to gain a better understanding of Japanese culture.   

On-the-Job Training (OJT) was conducted for two days during the second week at participants’ related sections in Ritsumeikan. These included laboratories of Dr. Ueno, Dr. Takaba and Dr. Tokuda at the College of Science & Technology, BKC Research Office, Kinugasa Library, Administrative Office of College of Information Science and Technology, Division of Financial Affairs, Kinugasa Office of International Affairs. This provided the participants with a good opportunity to develop their expertise and get advice for solving issues at MJIIT as well as to experience the Japanese people’s attitude towards work first hand.

Round-table session with young Ritsumeikan staff members

OJT at Divison of Financial Affairs

On the last day of the training, the participants presented action plans that they had prepared during their training. Professor Masahisa Koyama, Secretary General of the Ritsumeikan MJIIT Working Group (College of International Relations) and MJIIT senior staff members who listened to the presentations via teleconference system gave feedback to each problem analysis and action plan. The participants were encouraged to pursue their plans when they returned to Malaysia.

Through lectures, OJT and Japanese cultural experience, the participants not only developed their expertise but also learnt about Japanese professional ethics such as team work, time management and loyalty to work, which could be key factors in tackling the issues at MJIIT. The participants returned home with high motivation and hope for further improvement and development of MJIIT. 

It would not have been possible to conduct this training course for the second time without the support of various sections of Ritsumeikan University, which aims to globalise its organisation and administrative staff members. This activity provided a great learning experience and skill development opportunity for not only the training participants from MJIIT but also for the Ritsumeikan staff who took part.

Action Plan presentation

Group photo after the Closing Session

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