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While providing information regarding the benefits of studying in Japan through the Education Fair and cultural exchange events, we support PR activities for the Ritsumeikan Academy and Ritsumeikan UK (Europe) Alumni Association. In addition, we coordinate seminars and lectures by professors and teaching staff in the UK and provide assistance for students studying in the UK.

About Ritsumeikan UK Office

Ritsumeikan UK Office
Room 241, Old Building, SOAS, University of London, Thornhaugh Street,
Russell Square, London, WC1H 0XG, U.K.
Junko Sakamoto (Ms)
office, seminar room, PR space for respective universities
  • Ritsumeikan UK Office is located inside the building of SOAS Ritsumeikan UK Office is located
    inside the building of SOAS
  • Inside the office Inside the office
  • Opening Ceremony Opening Ceremony


July, 2010 Establishment
May, 2011 Opening Ceremony
Opening Ceremony Video      Message from then- Chancellor
November, 2011 6th Form Japan Day
November, 2012 6th Form Japan Day
October, 2016 relocated to Russel Square.


Junko Sakamoto
Ritsumeikan UK Office (London)
Room 241, Old Building, SOAS, University of London,Thornhaugh Street,Russell Square, London, WC1H 0XG, U.K.

Message from the Chancellor

Chancellor of the Ritsumeikan Trust Kiyofumi Kawaguchi

Japan has risen to become one of the world's major economic powers, going through a range of challenges such as post-war reconstruction and natural disasters. As was the case for the United Kingdom in Western Europe, Japan moved ahead of other Asian countries to modernize and access the benefits of science and technology.

In the 21st century, as is the case across the world, internationalization is now an imperative for Japanese higher education institutions. Thus the Japanese government launched the “Global 30” Project in 2009. This project aims at enhancing the international competitiveness of Japanese higher education by promoting internationalization of the academic environment of Japanese universities and improving the quality of education. To this end, the project encompasses specific goals, such as accepting 300,000 international students to Japan by 2020, encouraging more Japanese university students to study abroad, and promoting international academic communication and exchange among researchers and teaching staff. Ritsumeikan University was selected as one of the first 13 participating universities in the “Global 30” project.

Global 30 also provided the immediate impetus for the opening of the Ritsumeikan Office in the UK; however, behind this was Ritsumeikan's continuous commitment to internationalization in our 140-year history since our establishment.

The UK has the second largest number of international students worldwide. Many of the students who come here are attracted by its sophisticated culture and a matured civil society. The UK pioneered the modern university system and played a leading role in the internationalization of universities across the world. British universities are also among the most up-to-date in the research field and researchers from around the world, including Japan, are participating in diverse projects with a spirit of freedom and dynamism conducted in the UK.

I feel privileged and honoured as Chancellor to have established the Ritsumeikan UK Office, which is located within the campus of SOAS, University of London (the School of Oriental and African Studies), in the UK.