Bilateral Projects

Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IIT-H)

Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IIT-H)

Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering,
Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Systems Management,
Materials Science and Engineering, Energy Resources Engineering, Environmental Engineering,
Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering

Members of the Japanese University Committee
Hokkaido University, Tohoku University, Waseda University, Tokyo University, Keio University,
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Nagoya University, Kyoto University, Kyoto Institute of Technology,
Ritsumeikan University, Osaka University, Kyushu University


The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is India's most prestigious institution in science and engineering and its high research standard is internationally recognized. Along with the increasing domestic demands to nurture human resources with sufficient knowledge and skills in the area of science and engineering, the government of India made a decision to establish 8 new IITs during the eleventh five-year plan period from 2007 to 2012. It then requested Japanese support to set up one of them. Following thorough discussions, both governments agreed to work on the establishment of IIT Hyderabad (IIT-H). In 2009, Ritsumeikan Chancellor Kawaguchi received a request from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to collaborate with the ‘IIT-H consortium of Japan' and hence Ritsumeikan University participated in the project.

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Project Overview

The IIT-H project focuses on the following 5 areas: Environment & Energy, Digital Communication, Design & Manufacturing, Nano-technology & Nano-science and Civil Engineering. The project also carries out joint research initiatives, academic exchanges and IIT-H campus development. Ritsumeikan University is continuously attending working groups and planning to receive a postgraduate student from IITH in September 2013.

The consortium on the Japanese side consists of the government of Japan (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology), universities (Osaka University, Kyushu University, Kyoto University, Keio University, Tokyo University, Tohoku University, Nagoya University, Waseda University, Ritsumeikan University) and corporations (Suzuki Motor Corporation, Nissan Motor Company, Toyota Motor Corporation, Hitachi, Mizuho Corporate Bank).