In 2018, the College of International Relations will Advance to the Next Level

On the 30th anniversary year of its establishment, the College of International Relations will take a new step forward. Our efforts include rebuilding its faculty structures, as well as renewing the curriculum of each major and its learning systems. We will also introduce a new milestone program jointly organized with American University.

Faculty Structure

American University - Ritsumeikan University Joint Degree ProgramJoint Degree Program
with American University

Studying for 2 Years in Japan and 2 Years in the U.S., Totaling 4 Years in One Program

The College will newly establish a joint degree program with American University. This will be the first joint degree program of the College, and within the liberal arts college and private universities in Japan.

Systematic Program of Study Designed by Japanese and American Universities

The curriculum of the program has been designed jointly by Ritsumeikan University and American University. Students will study in a coherent academic curriculum in English for 4 years at universities in Japan and the U.S.

Studying in Washington D.C. —the Center of International Politics— and Kyoto —the Center of Japanese Culture—

The program will deliver active learning through an environment where students can have first-hand experiences at the centers of international politics and Japanese culture.

The U.S. and Asia and Going Beyond Western Centric International Relations

Students will study Global IR, which is the study of world governance through the perspectives of diverse countries and regions including Asian nations, an approach which goes beyond the western centric form of IR.

International Relations MajorNew Changes to the International Relations Major, Keeping with a Tradition as the First International Relations Faculty in Japan

International Administration Program

The International Administration Program will be newly introduced to support students aiming for careers in diplomacy, international cooperative organizations, and international organizations.

Late Specialization

After studying the basics of International Relations for the first year, students will decide their specialization from the 4 fields of Culture and Society, Development and Sustainability, Governance and Peace, and International Administration.

English for International

Students will learn advanced English language skills in the English for International Studies” program, which will enable them to take courses conducted in English.

Graduation Thesis

All students will be required to write a graduation thesis, which will allow them to gain specialized knowledge within International Relations at the time of graduation.

Global Active Learning

The hands-on Global Simulation Gaming course is conducted in both English and Japanese. While learning in Japan, students will be able to take specialized courses in English.

Study Abroad Program

Many IR College students participate in one year exchange Programs. Students may also participate in other study abroad or language learning programs depending on their interests, and at their own pace.

Global Studies MajorUpgrading and Expanding
the English-Based Global Studies Major

Studying with International Students in a Highly Diverse Environment

Students will study in a diverse environment with international students from over 30 nations, including the U.S., U.K., Australia, India, Indonesia, China, and Korea.

Learning in English

The College supports students through courses such as “Academic Skills” and support programs such as the “Writing Tutorial Center”.

Studying in the Same Way as Universities in English Speaking Countries

In the College, students will study, think, express themselves and write, all in English. By studying in the same way as students at universities in English speaking countries, their English abilities will be advanced to the level of writing a specialized graduation thesis at the time of graduation.