Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


question What does the label on the book's spine mean?

The symbols and numbers on the label are typically called the call number. This displays where the book is stored as well as what its genre is. Books in library are stacked in order according to these numbers. When you find a book on a RUNNERS search, make a note of the call number as well as the reference number. There are signs listing this information in each library. Based on the RUNNERS results, please look for materials in the respective stacks and on the proper floors.
For more information adout RUNNERS searh, please check"RAIL".(JPN)

question What do the numbers on the label on the front or back of the book mean?

This is the reference number. Every book has its own unique number, and these are used to keep track of the books. Every book has its own unique number, and these are used to keep track of the books.

question Can I read materials from the periodicals room or the reference room on a different floor of the library?

As a rule, library materials can be used anywhere in the library. Please refrain from taking materials into the bathroom.

question I would like to read past dissertations and theses. What should I do?

You may read this in the library, but you cannot check them out. Dissertations and theses are stored in the libraries at campuses with graduate schools. Please ask the reference counter for assistance.

(Doctoral Dissertations)
These are open to the public. You may read them and make copies within the limits of the copyright. Click here for more Information

(Master's Theses)
Students enrolled in degree-seeking programs at Ritsumeikan University (Seikisei) may read Master's theses for which Ritsumeikan University has obtained appropriate consent from the author. Each student must obtain permission from their own advising professor in advance.
The themes of the past theses are here.(JPN)

(Undergraduate Theses)
The University Library does not store undergraduate theses. Please ask the Administrative Office of each college.
(There are not all theses at the Administrative Office.)