Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Suzaku Research Library

question What do I need to do use the materials in Suzaku Research Library?

Please come to Suzaku Research Library. (You can request a part of the materials from other campuses.) Undergraduate students, graduate students, faculties, staff, and alumni can use the materials. Visitors and other universities' students can't use them. You need a student ID card, faculty & staff ID card or a library card to enter. If you don't have the ID card, please apply at the the library counter.

question Can non-Suzaku students use the Suzaku Research Library and borrow books?

Yes, they can. However, since these the main purpose for these materials is to assist Suzaku students and faculty in their studies and research, we ask others to refrain from using the materials for long periods of time. Non-Suzaku students may check out Items that do not appear as "Restricted Books" on RUNNERS and that do not have a "Today Only" sticker on them.

question Can alumni use the library?

If you have a library card, you can use the library. Please pick up an access card from the Suzaku Facilities Management Office before coming to the library. If you do not have a library card, please request to have one made. This can be done at the Suzaku Research Library. If you apply for a library card at Suzaku, it takes about one week before it can be picked up. Thank you for your understanding.

question What is a Restricted Book?

These can only be used within the library. Only graduate students on Suzaku Campus (e.g. students in the Law School, Business School, the Graduate School of Professional Teacher Education or the Graduate School of Public Policy) can use these for 1 day. Other students cannot check these out. Please view these inside the Suzaku Research Library.

question Can Restricted Books be returned at other system libraries like regular books?

Please return Restricted Books that you have borrowed for the day only to the Suzaku Research Library.

question Can I request for the purchase of a book?

Only Suzaku graduate students can request the library to purchase materials. They can request in "MyLibrary".

question Are there any computers I can use to write documents and use the Internet?

No. All computers in the library are for RUNNERS, databases and DVD searches.

question Can I take materials into the Audio-Visual Corner?

You may use materials for study or research. Please refrain from using the Audio-Visual Corner for recreational purposes.

question Are there conference and group meeting rooms?

There are none in the library. Feel free to use the lounge on the first floor.

question Do you sell copy cards?

They are not for sale in the library. Vending machines are located in the Co-Op on the first floor and in the printing room on the second floor.