Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Borrowing & Return

question How many books can I borrow?

Undergraduate students may borrow 20 books for up to 2 weeks. Graduate students may borrow 100 books for up to 100 days. Click here for more Information

question Can all the books in the library be borrowed and taken out of the library?

Some library books can be taken out of the library and some cannot. If a book has a "For Library Use Only" sticker (in Japanese「館内利用」 or「館内」), it cannot be taken out of the library. There are also materials such as periodicals, almanacs, dictionaries, maps and books in the economic whitepaper corner that cannot be checked out. Feel free to use these within the library.

question Where should I return materials when I've finished reading them?

Return Cart

Books that you've used within the library can be placed on the return carts on each floor.
Materials that you have checked out must be returned at the library counter or Automated Check Out/Check In Machines.
Materials that you've had sent from other campuses can be returned at the library counter.

question Can I renew a book I currently have out on loan?

You can renew your books from the MyLibrary menu on the library homepage without having to bring the book to the library. You may renew items up to 2 times. Full-time faculty members may renew items up to 5 times. If you have run out of renewals you will have to return the book before taking it out again. Renewals cannot be made if another person has reserved the book or during those periods when books cannot be borrowed. Please be careful.

question Can I lend a book that I borrowed to my friend?

Lending a book that you borrowed to someone else is prohibited. Even if the person you lent the book to returns the book late or loses it, responsibility lies with the person who borrowed the book from the library. You may lose your right to borrow books or even have to pay damages. The person who borrowed the book should return it himself.

Please understand that since Return Receipts contain personal information, they cannot be given to anyone other than the person who borrowed the book.

question What happens if I don't return a book on time?

If you return a book late, you cannot borrow any books for the number of days that the item was late (This does not apply to full-time faculty members). Make sure you return books on time. If you lost a book that you borrowed, please report to the library counter immediately.

question What happens if I lost a book that I borrowed?

If you can't find it after thoroughly searching your house or office, please inform the staff at the counter immediately. The library will request compensation for the same edition of the book that you lost(e.g. replacement of the text). If you don't inform the library and let the due date pass, you will lose your right to borrow books.

There are many materials that are very difficult to replace. Please take extra care not to lose them. If you are using materials in a group or lending them among friends and they are lost, the library will hold the borrower responsible. Take care to use library materials appropriately.

question I would like to borrow a book that I borrowed before but I can't remember the title. Can you give me a record of what I've borrowed in the past?

Library users cannot view a record of what they have borrowed. Be sure to retain the Loan Receipts and Return Receipts for your records. If you think you may need to check out something in the future, make a note of the title and call number.

question Are the lending periods for APU books different from Kinugasa and BKC?

Please note that APU's lending periods, renewals and the number of books that you can borrow differ from other Ritsumeikan libraries. Click here for more Information.

question Can I return a book I borrowed from one library at a different library?

Yes, you can.

However, if you return a book to a different library on campus it will take longer to process it and get it back on the shelf, which may inconvenience the next user. We kindly ask that you return books to the library from which you borrowed them.