Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Searching for Books and Journals

question Can I search for any materials on RUNNERS?

RUNNERS catalogs all Ritsumeikan library materials dating back to April 1957. To search for older materials which is not finished inputting into RUNNERS, you must use the card catalog. Ask the library counter how to use the card catalog.

question Where can I find books about XYZ?

Library materials are classified according to topic using (the Nippon Decimal Classification) System. This is the number on the label. To browse books of the same topic, go to the stacks marked with that topic name. However, there may be a large number of books depending on the topic. The easiest way to do a topic search is to type in a keyword in RUNNERS and choose one of the books from search results. The books in that area will all be of the same genre.
For more information adout RUNNERS searh, please check "RAIL".(JPN)

question I did a search on RUNNERS and found where the book is shelved, but I don't know where to go.

Stack locations are denoted in an abbreviated form. Some of the locations listed in RUNNERS cannot be accessed directly.If you click on “location” on the book search result page in RUNNERS, a floor map indicating the location of the book will appear. If you have any difficulties, ask the library counter staff for help.

question Can I print out RUNNERS and database search results?

Yes, you can. You can use the copy machines in the search corner.

question I can't find the journal that I'm looking for.

Current Issues & Back Numbers
↑Current Issues & Back Numbers

Most journals' locations differ if they are new arrivals (i.e. not bound) or bound volumes.
Be sure to check the location of the volume/issue on RUNNERS. You may also request to borrow bound journals from other campuses. Since unbound journals cannot be sent from other libraries, please request photocopying service.

Journals in the process of being bound cannot be used. For more information, visit the library counter.