Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Using Library Facilities

question What do I need to get into the library?

You need a student ID card, a faculty/staff ID card or a library card. Run your card through the gate at the entrance. If you forgot your card, you can still enter by filling out a form at the counter.
Click here. on getting a library card.

question Can I enter the library with someone who isn't affiliated with the university?

Only registered users may enter the library.
Click here for information on visitor usage.

question What is My Library?

It's a webpage where you can check the status of books you have on loan, make reservations , renew books or request materials that you want the library to purchase. You can access the page from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.
Login in to MyLibrary from the library homepage.

question Can I make copies?

Yes, you can. There are coin-operated and card-operated copy machines in the library. Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library also has a coin-operated color copier. 1000-yen copy cards are available for purchase. Only copies of library materials can be made on the copy machines. You cannot make copies of your own materials in the library.
According to copyright law, you may make one copy of each page at a time and may copy no more than half of an entire work. Please abide by these rules. For more information on copying library materials, click here for more Information

question May I make copies of my lecture notes and seminar presentation outlines?

No, you cannot.
Copy machines inside the library can only be used to copy library materials within the limits set by Japanese copyright law. Any other materials cannot be copied.

question Can I use my own computer in the library?

Yes, you can. Please take responsibility for your own PC.

question Can I use the Internet?

You can use the internet in the Multimedia Room. You cannot use the internet from the search terminals in the library.

question Are there rooms that groups can use in the library?

There are Seminar Rooms (Kinugasa), Group Study Rooms (BKC), and Seminar Rooms (OIC) for groups of 2 or more. These rooms can be used for studying. The rooms are equipped with a display screen. There are also blackboards and whiteboards. Using cell phones, speaking in a loud voice and/or eating is strictly prohibited. You can confirm the availability of facilities, make reservations, and check reservation results by using the Online Reservations System. For details please see the page below.
The Online Reservations System for Library Facilities is Available.

question Can I watch movies and videos in the library?

The library carries a selection of movies and documentaries on DVD and VHS. These can only be used in the A-V Booths and cannot be checked out.

question I think I lost something in the library…

Items found in the library will be kept at the counter until closing time .
After that time the items will be turned over to each campus's lost and found section.

question Can alumni use the library?

Yes, you can. To register you will need to present ID with your current address (driver's license etc.). Please do the necessary paperwork at the Information Counter on the 1st floor of Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library, the Service Counter on the 1st floor of the BKC Media Center , the Service Counter on the 2nd floor of the Media Library or the Service Counter on the 2nd floor of OIC Library.
For more information, please see the section entitle For Alumni on the library homepage.

question What time is the counter open until?

This differs by time of year.To see the operating hours of counters at various libraries, click here.

question I wish to take photos/video record within the library. What should I do?

Please consult with staff at the counter in advance.