Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Other Universities

question Can I go to another university's library to view materials that are not in the Ritsumeikan stacks?

To view materials from other universities' libraries, you must make a formal request. Please ask for assistance at the Reference Counter. It takes about 1 to 2 days to get permission to view items from other libraries. Be sure to keep your schedule flexible. If it is urgent, you may be able to use the Shared Viewer's Card system without applying in advance. Please ask the Reference Counter for details.

For more information on viewing materials from other universities' libraries, click here.

question Can I make copies of materials ordered from other universities?

You may make copies. According to Article 31 of Japanese Copyright Law, you may copy no more than half of an entire work. You cannot copy the entire book. Please note that you may not be permitted to copy older materials due to their condition. They may be damaged by copying