Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library

question Where are the newspapers located?

Recent newspapers (one month for most major newspapers) are located in the newspaper reading room. Newspapers for the past year are kept in storage. Please ask for assistance at the Reference Counter.

Abridged versions of Asahi, Mainichi, Yomiuri and Nikkei newspapers from 1998 and abridged versions of Nikkei Sangyo newspaper from 2000 are located in the Periodical Back Number Corner. Abridged versions before those dates are available on microfilm from the storeroom or the Information Counter. For details, please see the Reference Counter staff.

question Where are the guidebooks located?

They are in the recreation section.

question Where are the TOEIC® and other language study materials located?

They are in Multimedia Section B, located on the right just past the entrance.

question Where are the maps located?

Maps of Japan-street maps and the most recent house maps of Kyoto and Shiga-are on the left across the hall from the Reference Counter.Back numbers are in the stacks on the 4th floor.

World maps and Japanese atlases are in the box in front of the pillar directly across from the Economic Whitepaper section.

A 25000:1 contour map is in the cabinet to the right of the Reference Counter.
※Some maps are located elsewhere. Please check RUNNERS for details.

question Can I make color copies?

You can use a coin-operated color copier.

question How to use Automated Storage.

・From the catalog search terminal in the library, push the Request button that appears onscreen to retrieve a book from the automated stack system.
・Retrieved material is arranged on the special book cart at service counter (1F).
・After pushing the Retrieve button, it takes about 5 minutes to retrieve the book.
・The display can show the status of up to 8 items. Since the display may not show all items being retrieved, please also check the contents of the special book cart.
・After using the material, please put it in “Book Return Cart”. Do not return to the special book cart.