Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Shugakukan Research Library

question I would like to read GHQ/SCAP materials. What kind of application is necessary? How soon can I view them?

GHQ/SCAP materials cannot be viewed right away. You must file an application. After applications are submitted they are screened. It takes about 10 days to get permission. You can only view these documents with permission. Materials are available in microfiche. To search the content of the microfiche, use the GHQ Database Server. For more information on how to apply, please inquire at the Shugakukan Reference Counter.
More details are also available from the GHQ Database Server.
Click on the page for first-time users.

question What do I need to do to use audio-visual materials in Shugakukan?

Please apply at the Shugakukan Research Library counter on the 1st floor. Videos and DVDs can be used within the library. For your reference, a list of video and DVD titles is located in the Reading Room on the 1st floor.

question Where are the materials that RUNNERS(OPAC) categorizes as 「人文研」 and「人間研」located?

These are research institute materials and they are located on the 2nd floor of the East wing of Shugakukan in the Humanities Research Office.
Materials handled by research institutes are marked with Japanese abbreviations such as 「言文研」, 「国地研」 and「地域研」. RU Professors and graduate students can apply to use these via the Humanities Research Office. Undergraduate students and alumni can request these materials at the Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library Reference Counter. New journals and almanacs are located in the research institutes. Bound volumes are stored in the Shugakukan Journal Section. For details, check RUNNERS

question I heard that materials RUNNERS categorizes as「文・文献○○」 and「文・文献P」 are located in Shugakukan, but where exactly are they?

They are located in the Humanities Library which is located in the basement of the building just west of Shugakukan. Click here for more information.

question A RUNNERS search tells me that the book is located in the Shugakukan Foreign Language Section, but when I went to Shugakukan I could not locate it.

The Foreign Books Section is located on the first and basement floors of Shugakukan. This is the area just west of the elevator. Foreign books are first divided by language and then arranged by topic using the Nippon Decimal Classification (NDC)System. Reference books and large-size books are located in a different part of the library. Please refer to the library map for the location.

Books listed as "Shugakukan Shoko" are located in the stacks from floors 2 to 5. These are also arranged according tothe Nippon Decimal Classification (NDC) System.

question How can I make copies of microfilm?

The Shugakukan Microfilm Room is located in the back of the reading room on the first floor. If you would like to use those materials that come up on RUNNERS as Shugakukan Microfilm, inquire at the 1st floor counter of Shugakukan by 7:00 PM.
Microfilm located here are stored in the Shugakukan Micro Container Server. The server is backed up every night, so these can be only used until 7:00 PM

You may bring other microfilm resources from outside the library and view them in the Shugakukan Microfilm Room.

The microfilm reader printer can be used until 7:30 PM. Materials may be viewed free of charge, but printed copies cost 30 yen per page. Please note that cash cannot be accepted to pay for printing charges, so users are requested to purchase payment certificates (証紙) from a payment certificate vending machine in the Shugakukan Research Library.

question I am a Ritsumeikan faculty member and I would like to charge microfilm copies to the school. How do I do this?

If you would like copies to be covered by school expenses (i.e. research subsidies), please confirm your balance with the Humanities Research Office before using the printer. Please list the type of funding (grant-in-aid, other research grant, funded research etc.) and the title of your research topic on the application form and present this along with your faculty and staff ID card. In this case you do not need to submit payment certificates. Costs will be processed later.

If you are using your personal research allowance you will have to purchase payment certificates each time and file for reimbursement. The library can issue receipts.

Printing costs cannot be deducted from your salary.

question A RUNNERS search turns up materials categorized as 「教職課程P」,「基礎教育P」 and「保健体育P」. Where are these located?

P stands for Periodical. 「教職課程P」 refers to where bound periodicals purchased for educational purposes are located. Likewise 「基礎教育P」 and 「保健体育P」 are bound periodicals. These three types of periodical are located in the basement of Shoyukan and cannot be accessed immediately. If you would like to use these, please inquire at the counter on the 1st floor of Shugakukan (By reservation only).

question I am a Rits alumnus (local citizen or graduate from another university) and RUNNERS shows that materials I want to view are located in Shugakukan. If I go directly to the Research Library, can I use these materials?

No, you cannot come directly to the Shugakukan Research Library. You cannot enter the stacks either.If you are an alumni, citizen or student from another university and you wish to use the Shugakukan Research Library, please file an application at the Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library service counter for permission to use the library. Please understand that even if you get a permission slip from the Kinugasa Library, you may only read materials inside the library.