Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Arts & Humanities Library

question Where are the books that RUNNERS categorized as 「文○○共研」 and「文院○○共研」? Can I borrow these?

「文○○共研」refer to research materials in the colleges housed in Seishinkan and Keimeikan Halls. There are research rooms for each major. 「文院○○共研」 refers to research materials in the Graduate School of Letter in Gakujikan Hall. Regardless of the major area, all of these materials are managed by graduate students. You will have to check with the Humanities Library Counter to see if you can use these or not. It may take time to confirm your request. Thank you for your understanding.

You may only view the items within the research rooms. Copies may be made. Items cannot be checked out.

question I am looking for articles but am not sure where to look or how to look for them.

Try using MAGAZINE PLUS or CINII when searching for articles. These are located on the database search screen. There are also catalogs for certain fields. For Japanese literature, there is the National Literature Almanac, for geography there is the Geographical Literature Review and for Chinese and Eastern History, there is the Eastern Literature Catalog. Please use these as well.

question Where are the materials listed as「文献貴重書庫」?

Materials listed as 「文献貴重書庫」 are located in the Valuable Documents shelf in the Literature Reference Room. You may use this room on weekday from 9:00 to 17:30 (Make reservations before 17:00). There are many old documents, so take extra care in handling them. Please note that you cannot copy these materials in order to prevent degradation of materials.

question How can I use the classic Chinese-bound and Japanese-bound materials?

Both types of materials are kept in a locked shelf. Application forms are on the counter so please fill these out and submit them to a staff member. On the form, be sure to the list the name of the Chinese-bound materials and the 4-part category number. For Japanese-bound materials, please write down the 11-digit number that begins with 06 or 11. These are string-bound materials and much more fragile than regular books. Please note that you cannot copy these materials in order to prevent degradation of materials.

question I am looking for books, but I don't know what order they are arranged in.

Books are arranged by genre and by whether they are Japanese or foreign. Aside from Chinese-bound materials, all books are arranged according to the Nippon Decimal Classification (NDC)System. Ask at the counter for oversized books or books in a series.

question I heard that I should use an MB Number to look for materials on archeological artifacts. What is this

The MB Number refers to a system designed by Ritsumeikan to keep track of materials on archaeological artifacts that are stores in the Library Click here for Information.

This was created based on the postal code directory so that you search for references on artifacts discovered in certain prefectures. Materials on archaeological artifacts are arranged according to MB Number in Stack C.

question Where are materials RUNNERS categorizes as「文・文献P」?

The P in items marked as 「文・文献P」 stands for Periodical. 「文・文献P」 are located in the bound periodicals section. Please looks in Stacks A or E.

question I found the most recent issue of a journal, but I want to know where the back numbers are kept.

Unbound back numbers are located in the journal racks in the reading room. Lift up the front of the rack that holds the newest edition to find the stack of older issues. University periodicals are located in the journal rack by the window. Bound back numbers of Japanese journals are located in Stack A or E. Bound back numbers of foreign journals are located in the journal section of Shugakukan.

question I would like to read past Master's theses from the Graduate School of Letters.

There are no Master's theses or catalogs thereof stored in the Arts & Humanities Library. If you would like to view a catalog of theses, please ask the College of Letters office for assistance. To view actual theses, undergraduate and graduate students need a signed/stamped Letter of Consent from the supervising faculty member. For more information, please contact the Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library service counter.

question I am a Rits alumnus (local citizen or graduate from another university) and RUNNERS shows that materials I want to view are located in the Arts & Humanities Library. If I go directly to the library, can I use these materials?

No, you cannot come directly to the Arts & Humanities Library. You cannot enter the stacks either. If you are an alumni or a citizen and you wish to use the Arts & Humanities Library, please file an application at the Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library service counter for permission to use the library. Please understand that even if you get a permission slip from the Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library, you may only view materials inside the library. Students from other universities should have their university department contact Ritsumeikan in advance for permission. If necessary, please provide a Letter of Introduction. Without advance notice you cannot use the library under the Shared Viewer's Card system.