Paris Peace Conference (Post-WWI) Collection Database


This is the source material for the Paris Peace Conference, held in the aftermath of World War I. Items here have been obtained primarily from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Diplomatic Resource Center, but this collection also contains a variety of publicly released and non-released materials.

After the first world war ended and the borders of European countries were drastically changed. The materials in this collection include original papers from the various committee meetings held as a result of the myriad issues in Germany, Eastern Europe, and Poland. Because it contains numerous important documents having to do with World War I and the world order between WWI and WWII, this collection may also be valuable to those doing research into the political situation in Europe at present.

Because the database includes 93000 papers and 5800 items which are highly desired by researchers in the field, a "Paris Peace Conference Data Creation Committee" was formed. In order to organize this database, the committee applied for and received a grant from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science in 1992.

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