Introduction of "ILO Corner" Materials


◆About "ILO Corner" Materials
The materials kept in this corner consist of documents from the International Labour Organization (ILO) Office in Japan. The ILO Office was looking for an institution that would be able to accept duplicate copies of documents and books when they were planning to transfer materials to the United Nations University Library in Tokyo. At that time, Ago Shin-ichi, a Professor of Labor and International Law in the College of Law at Ritsumeikan University who is deeply involved with numerous ILO activities, took this opportunity to nominate Ritsumeikan University Library as one such capable institution, and thus we began accepting such documents at our library. Most of the materials are minutes of ILO general meetings, meeting reports categorized by subject, minutes of Governing Body Sessions, official international labor statistics, ILO publications, and general publications pertaining to labor in Japan, all dating as far back as 1946. We also received a few official documents dating from 1919 to 1944. Incidentally, the United Nations University Library's collection of minutes date back to 1919. Although the minutes of ILO general meetings are being converted into PDF files and made available on the ILO website, other materials are not being made available, which makes the value of these materials quite high. Furthermore, although the collection of documents from before 1945 is not complete, it contains valuable materials related to ILO's activities from the time of the League of Nations and is considered extremely valuable. We will continue our efforts to add new materials and make our collection even more complete.

◆Only Institution Possessing ILO Official Documents in Western Japan
There are only two institutions in Japan that possess a collection of ILO official documents such as this, the United Nations University Library (Shibuya, Tokyo) and the Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library. In other words, Ritsumeikan University is the only institution in the Kansai region that possesses ILO official documents, assuming the role of a research hub for labor law, international law, international human rights law, and international studies.

◆Accessing Materials
・Materials kept in this corner will show up on the RUNNERS online catalog with the location of "Kinugasa HIRAI KAICHIRO Memorial Library, BF1 International Labour Organization".
・Since the previously assigned ILO Thesaurus number is utilized, a Nippon Decimal Classification (NDC) number is not assigned to the materials. (Even if there are materials that have not been assigned an ILO Thesaurus number, an NDC number will not be assigned.) The ILO Thesaurus is a very effective tool when wanting to search for paper-based materials by subject matter.
・Materials that are assigned an ILO Thesaurus number are arranged by their corresponding number. Materials without an ILO Thesaurus number are arranged according to the number (ILO material registration number) appearing in the Call No. column on RUNNERS OPAC. ・When wanting to use materials from this corner, it is more convenient to use "LABORDOC" (ILO Library Digital Repository, URL: than it is to browse materials directly. By searching various ILO repositories beforehand, you are able to quickly find materials by specifying certain bibliographical information. Since LABORDOC contains a vast amount of digitized material, you will need to refine your search with specific keywords, etc. Of course you can also search for materials using RUNNERS.

◆Limited to In-library Use
Since the materials kept in this corner are considered rare official documents, they cannot be checked out. Please use the nearby reading chairs. (Copying of materials permitted.) Writing on materials is strictly prohibited. Please handle materials with care and avoid damaging or soiling them.