Extract from the Detailed Regulations for the Enforcement of the Ritsumeikan University Academic Information Facilities Rules of Use


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    These Detailed Regulations prescribe necessary matters concerning the use and management of academic information facilities, in accordance with the Ritsumeikan University Academic Information Facilities Rules of Use (hereinafter, "Rules of Use").


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    Users wishing to browse or borrow the following academic materials shall search using the University's OPAC (online catalog), print out the applicable bibliographic information, and submit it accompanied by their library user card.

    However, in the case of materials falling under clauses (5) and (6) of this article and those for which bibliographic information is not held in OPAC, users shall submit the request form provided below accompanied by their library user card.
    1. Materials held in library stack rooms and closed stacks: Appended form 1
    2. Microfilm materials: Appended form 2
    3. Shugakukan Research Library materials when used by undergraduate students, etc.: Appended form 3
    4. Audio-visual materials: Appended form 4
    5. Materials held at other campuses: Appended form 55
    6. Materials held at other universities, etc.: Appended form 6

Library user card

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    Users prescribed in clauses 3 through 7 of paragraph 1, Article 3 of the Ritsumeikan University Academic Information Facilities Administration and Management Regulations(「立命館大学学術情報施設管理運営規程」)(hereinafter the "Administration and Management Regulations") may be issued a Library Card if they submit appended form 7 to the Media Library or Media Center and receive permission.
    1. Issuance of Library Cards to users prescribed in paragraph 2, Article 3 of the Administration and Management regulations shall be governed by the Sub-Regulations on Use of Ritsumeikan University Academic Information Facilities by the General Public(「立命館大学学術情報施設の一般市民等の利用に関する取扱い内規」)(hereinafter the "General Public Sub-Regulations").
    2. Library Cards shall be valid for the period in which the holder is eligible under Article 3 of the Administration and Management Regulations.
    3. Continued use of Library Cards shall be pursuant to renewal procedures every academic year, except for Honorary Professors.
    4. Users wishing to undertake Library Card renewal procedures must present their previously issued Library Card.


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    Users wishing to borrow an academic material shall present their library user card to a staff member.
    1. In the event that an academic material designated Not for Loan is to be used in classes by a "Faculty and Staff A" or "Special User A" prescribed in Annexure 1 of the Rules of Use, the Library Director may permit the said material to be borrowed for a period of up to one week, pursuant to submission of appended form 8. The material may be borrowed by a proxy if permitted in advance by a staff member.

Eligibility to borrow, borrowing limits, reminders

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    The following provisions shall apply to eligibility to borrow, borrowing limits, and reminders in addition to the provisions of the Rules of Use.
    1. Users may not borrow academic materials of the International Peace Museum except if authorized on special grounds by the Museum Director.
    2. The Library Director may on special grounds permit persons on leave of absence from studies or work to borrow academic materials.
    3. "Undergraduate students" prescribed in Annexure 1 of the Rules of Use may take a long-term loan in the event that they borrow an academic material from 5 days prior to the commencement of a long-term vacation period up to 10 days prior to the end of such period.
    4. In the event that an academic material purchased using funds from a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research is donated to the University, the donor or equivalent individual may borrow the material until the termination of the research project in question. Other users may not reserve, orders or make use of the recall system for the said material.
    5. Reminders shall be governed by "Reminders for Overdue Materials."

Reservations and orders

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    The recall system may be utilized by users other than those prescribed under "Others" in Annexure 1 of the Rules of Use.
    1. Users wishing to utilize the recall system shall submit the request form shown in annexed form 9.
    2. Users currently borrowing a material that has been recalled must in principle return the material within five days counting from the day following issuance of the recall message. Such users may not borrow any other academic materials until they have returned the recalled material.
    3. Materials that have been reserved or ordered shall be put on hold for a period of five days counting from the day following issuance of the notification.

Reference service

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    Users may utilize the following reference services. However, users prescribed in clause 2, Article 3 of the Administration and Management Regulations shall be governed by the General Public Sub-Regulations.
    1. The scope of reference services shall, in principle be limited to the following matters:
      1. Bibliographic information and location of academic materials
      2. Surveys and reference materials concerning specific topics
      3. Information and data searches
      4. Online information search services
      5. Introductions to other university libraries and specialist institutions
    2. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the following services shall not be provided.
      1. Consultation on legal matters, consultation on medial matters, investigation of individuals, corporate credit checks, valuation of artworks and antiquities, answers to assignments and examinations, translation of texts, interpretation of archaic texts, matters that may harm reputation or property or contravene public order or morality
      2. Matters that demand special financial or time commitment and may impede regular operations
      3. Other matters which the Library Director considers inappropriate

Copying materials

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    Users wishing to copy materials shall submit appended form 10.
    1. Copying shall be charged as set forth in the Annexure.
    2. Requests for academic information facilities to provide copying services shall be governed by "Copying Services."
    3. Users wishing to take photographic images shall submit appended form 11.
    4. Copying of materials borrowed under an inter-library usage agreement shall be conducted in accordance with the stipulations and/or directions of the loaning institution, and materials shall not be copied if the loaning institution has expressly prohibited copying. If copying by the user is prohibited, a staff member may undertake the copying.

Special purpose rooms

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    The use of special purpose rooms shall be governed by the Sub-Regulations on Use of Academic Information Facilities Special Purpose Rooms (「学術情報施設特別室利用内規」).

Unauthorized removal

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    The Library Director may take measures pursuant to the "Measures against Persons Engaged in Unauthorized Removal of Materials from Academic Information Facilities" against persons removing materials from academic information facilities without permission.

Other matters

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    Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays and university holidays shall be excluded from calculation of numbers of days prescribed in these Detailed Regulations.

[Appended forms omitted here]