Registering your library card

Please see the explanation below for instructions on library card registration and library use. We ask that you kindly read these instructions before registering your library card.

Facilities Available for Alumni Use

  • Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library (Kinugasa Campus)
  • Media Center (Biwako-Kusatsu Campus)
  • Media Library (Biwako-Kusatsu Campus)
  • OIC Library (Osaka Ibaraki Campus)
  • Suzaku Research Library (Suzaku Campus)
    • We will distribute a library card that can be used at all locations above.
    • You may not use those facilities that have usage restrictions.(Please Reference below)

Services Available for Alumni Use

  1. Browsing of materials, photocopying, and borrowing of materials from Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library, Media Center, Media Library, OIC Library.
    • You may borrow up to 3 books from the library for a period of up to 2 weeks.
    • In order to renew your book loans, please bring the books you wish to renew to the library and follow the procedures. (Please note you may not extend your loan if the book has been reserved.)
    • Note that some books are for in-library use only.
    • You may not enter and browse, copy, or borrow materials that are stored in the valuable materials vaults.
  2. Borrowing, browsing, and photocopying that are the property of various Ritsumeikan University research institutes (you must acquire permission beforehand. you may not carry materials outside of the library.)
    • When making a using request, please visit the reference counter at Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library.
      Please note that research materials are, as a rule, available 3 days after a borrowing request is made.
    • You may not take materials outside of the library or enter research institute book vaults.
    • Please note that some materials are not available for use.
      (*1)Various research institutes = Shugakukan Research Library, Arts & Humanities Library, Research Offices, Suzaku Research Library.
  3. Requesting materials from other campuses
  4. Inter-library Access Service (introduction of materials to, or back orders from, other institutes etc.)
  5. Purchasing Requests
  6. How to use the library facilities

Services Prohibited from Use

  1. Library use during the time when students enter university (April)・Final exam period (July 1st). (There may be additional cases where entering the library is prohibited.)
  2. Reference Service
  3. Facilities in the library for which there are usage restrictions.
    • (Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library) Peer Learning RoomS/eminor room/Individual Research Room
    • (Media Center) Peer Learning Room/Presentation Rooms/Study rooms/Private Research Rooms
    • (Media Library) Peer Learning Room/Study rooms/Teaching Lounge
    • (OIC Library) Seminar room 1-4/ Seminar room 5/ Individual Research Room/ Reading Room for Resarch
  4. Multi-media room usage
  5. Usage of applications or databases that are provided for university members only.

Application Procedures

  • When applying for library use, please prepare the following documents and submit them either to the Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library 1st floor information counter, Media Center 1st floor service counter, Media Library 2nd floor service counter, or OIC Library 2nd floor service counter.
  • You may apply from when the library opens until an hour before it closes.
  • Library operating hours and days are posted on the library homepage, or on a leaflet distributed at Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library, the Media Library, Media Center, and OIC Library.
  • After receiving your application, we will distribute your library card after confirming your alumni membership. Please note that if applications are received on Saturday or Sunday, your card will be distributed at a later date.

Items to prepare when applying:

  1. One of the following: alien registration card, driver's license, health insurance card. (or proof of identity that shows your current address)
  2. Parents Alumni card.
  3. Application form. (Prescribed form distributed by the library)

Library Card

  1. Only one library card will be distributed per person. Each card will expire at the end of the fiscal year (Mar. 31st).
  2. Please be sure to bring your card when using any of the library facilities at Kinugasa Campus or BKC.
  3. Please read over the notes about card usage found on the back of the card.
  4. If your card is lost or damaged, please visit the counter at which you applied for the card. Re-issue of your card costs 200 yen.
  5. If there are any changes to your address, work address, phone number etc, please be sure to quickly notify the counter from which you received your card.
  6. If your card expires, or if you lose your usage privileges, please return your library card immediately.
  7. Users who wish to continue using their library card after it has expired must re-apply.

Points to consider

  1. Out of the consideration of all library users, we prohibit the actions listed below. Library users who do any of the following will be required to return their library card and may be denied access to the library in the future:
    • Viewing personal A/V materials inside the library.
    • Bringing infants or young children to the library.
    • Eating, drinking, smoking, chatting, or reading aloud inside of the library.
    • Lending out materials you borrowed or lending out your card to another person.
    • Causing trouble for any other library users.
    • Unauthorized borrowing of materials.
    • Use of a cell phone inside the library.
    • Any actions that go against library rules or regulations, or any other offensive actions.
  2. When leaving the library, please confirm that you are not carrying any materials that have not been authorized for borrowing. The exit gate has a function that is able to detect if such authorization has been given.
  3. Please note that the service counter (including services related to loaning/borrowing) closes 15 minutes before the library closes.
  4. If you return any materials late, you will not be able to take out any additional materials as many days as the book is overdue.
  5. Compensation money for materials or facilities that are lost or damaged will be collected from users.
  6. Inside the library and on-campus we do not provide personal lockers. Therefore, please keep close watch over your valuables and carry them with you at all times.
  7. You may not visit the libraries by car or motorbike.

Contact Us

Office of Library Services (Kinugasa)

<Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library>

  • 〒603-8577 56-1 Toji-in Kitamachi, Kita-ku, Kyoto
  • TEL:075-465-8217
  • FAX:075-465-8219
Office of Library Services(BKC)

<Media Library>

  • 〒525-8577 1-1-1 Noji-higashi, Kusatsu Shiga
  • TEL:077-561-3943
  • FAX:077-561-3958

<Media Center>

  • 〒525-8577 1-1-1 Noji-higashi, Kusatsu Shiga
  • TEL:077-561-2634
  • FAX:077-561-3979
Osaka Ibaraki Campus:Office of Library Services (OIC)

<OIC Library>

  • 〒567-8570 2-150 Iwakura-cho, Ibaraki Osaka-fu
  • TEL:072-665-2520
  • FAX:072-665-2539