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Library Automated Entry Gates Are Now IC Card-Enabled

入館ゲート写真 Accompanying the addition of IC chips to student and faculty/staff ID cards, the library entry gates at the library have been IC Card-enabled.
You can now open the gates by touching your student or faculty/staff ID to the sensor area, so please use this feature in the future.

Caution: "Library Cards" do not contain IC Chips, so users of these cards should continue to swipe their card through the slit as before to open the gates.


Automated Check Out/Check In Machines Added

入館ゲート写真 In order to improve the efficiency of the check out and check in processes, Automated Check Out/Check In Machines have been added at Kinugasa Library, Media Center, and Media Library.
All library patrons, including those who have not used these machines in the past, are asked to use these machines for checking out or checking in library materials in the future.

*Late returns and attached materials will continue to be handled at the service counter, so please do not use the machines in this case.