Seeking 2017 Library Student Staff

Ritsumeikan University Library is looking for students to work as Library Staff for the 2017 Academic Year.
Library Staff assist in sorting and shelving library materials and providing information about newly published books. Students who are interested in learning about library services, organizing events or making proposals regarding user services are welcome to apply.

*Japanese is primarily used for work in the library. Therefore, one of the application requirements for international students is the ability to communicate, read and write in Japanese. However, we welcome motivated international students who want to try to work in the library, even if they are not so confident of their Japanese abilities at the moment.
*Applicants will be screened by submitted documents and interviews. Interested students are invited to attend an information session that will take place on each campus. (All application forms, interviews, and information sessions will be administered in Japanese.)

[Number of New Hires]
  • Kinugasa Campus : Approx. 25 staff members
  • Biwako-Kusatsu Campus (hereinafter referred to as BKC) : Approx. 20 staff members
  • Osaka Ibaraki Campus (hereinafter referred to as OIC) : Approx. 20 staff members
  • [Application Requirements]
  • Applicants must be first- or second-year students and must be able to work at least twice a week.
  • Third-year students who are planning to continue on to a Ritsumeikan University Graduate School and can work at least twice a week may apply.
  • [Working Conditions]
  • Wage : 840 yen per hour (Transportation allowance is not provided)
    *However, if the above hourly wage is lower than the regional minimum wage designated for each prefecture, the minimum wage will become the hourly wage.
  • Wage : ( per hour )
  •   Kinugasa Campus : 856 yen
      BKC : 840 yen
      OIC : 909 yen
    (Transportation allowance is not provided)
  • Period :November 1, 2017 (Wed) - March 31, 2018(Sat)
    * The possibility to extended employment will be discussed at the end of AY 2017. Generally speaking, staff will be in training (paid) for most of the above period with the option to extend employment after April 2018.
  • Workplace :
      Kinugasa Campus : Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library
      BKC : Media Center, Media Library
      OIC : OIC Library
      * Workplace is limited to enrolled campus.
  • [Application Period]

    September 19, 2017(Tue) at 10:00 - October 5 (Thu) at 12:00

    [How to Apply]
    Read carefully the descriptions above, fill out an application form (Japanese only), and submit it to the counter during the application period.
    *For international students, a copy of your residence card or "Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted" is also required.

    <Click here to download the application form (Japanese only)>

    *Staple the application together if printing the form yourself from the above link. Application forms are also available at the library. Applying outside the application period or applying by email will not be accepted.
    <where to submit>
  • Kinugasa Campus : Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library Service Counter
  • BKC : Media Center/Media Library Service Counter
  • OIC : OIC Library Service Counter

  • [Information Session]
    Students currently working as Library Staff will explain the details of their activities. Come to the session if you are interested. There is no need to reserve a seat.

    [Information Session]
  • Date & Time : September 26 (Tue), September 28 (Thu) (1) 12:20 - 12:50 (2)18:00 - 18:30
  • Venue : Event Space in the Peer Learning Room, Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library
  • [Library Tour]
  • Date & Time : September 26 (Tue), September 28 (Thu) 18:30 - 19:30
  • Venue : Entrance, Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library
    *You can join in either (1) or (2).

  • <bkc 1>
  • Date & Time : September 27(Wed) (1)12:20-12: 50 (2)18:00 - 18:30
  • Venue : F107, FOREST HOUSE 1F

  • <bkc 2>
  • Date & Time : September 29 (Fri) (1)12:20 - 12:50 (2)16:20-16:50
  • Venue :P114, PRISM HOUSE 1F

  • <oic>
  • Date & Time :
  •  September 27 (Wed) (1) 12:20 - 12:50 (2)16:20 - 16:50
     September 28 (Thu) (1) 12:20 - 12:50 (2)18:00 - 18:30
  • Venue : Seminar Room 4 in the Peer Learning Room, OIC Library

  • [Additional Information]
    <student library staff website>