Guidelines for Library Use Following the September 2017 Announcement of Graduates/ Completing Students

  • To All Students Graduating/ Completing Studies at the End of the Spring 2016 Semester
    All persons with unreturned library materials should be certain to return them within the period stated below. For specific information on the number and names of items checked out to you, please refer to yourMyLibrarypage. Additionally, please check here for information on library use after graduation/ completion of studies.
  • Undergraduate Students, Master's Students, and Professional Degree Students:
    Return materials no later than Saturday, September 23
  • Doctoral Students, Post-master's Research Students, Doctoral Research Students, and all other Non-degree Students:
    Return materials no later than Monday, September 25
  • Please be aware that on Saturday, September 23, the Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library, Media Center, Media Library, OIC Library, Shugakukan Research Library, and Arts & Humanities Library will be closed.

    • Students who will remain enrolled at Ritsumeikan University
      Please extend the return dates of your borrowed materials from MyLibrary page as necessary.