You can preview 800,000 Foreign E-Books!
 ~The Mediated DDA service of ProQuest E-Book Central~

June, 1 2018
 The Mediated DDA service of ProQuest E-book Central is made available.
 The service allows you to access approximately 800,000 e-books, and preview each book for 5 minutes. This service is provided to students.
 With this system, if you preview an e-book on ProQuest E-Book Central and wish to purchase the e-book, you can submit a request to the library after entering your affiliation and reason to buy the book. After purchasing the E-Books, you can download the necessary pages with PDF data.
 For detailed usage procedures, please access the following URL to see the explanatory video.

■URL for the explanatory video
*This service is only available through the on-campus network. (VPN connections permitted)

■For a limited time
Some titles (about 140,000) can be subscribed freely from June 2018 to the end of March 2019.