Email/Fax applications to use reference materials held at other campuses. (For faculty members)

In regard to reference materials held at other campuses for which Interlibrary Transfer Requests cannot be placed over RUNNERS, we accept transfer requests in person or via email/fax as a service available to faculty members.

Scope of Service

Eligible Users

Faculty members at Ritsumeikan University
(Including part-time lecturers)

Applicable Materials

This service is applicable to the following items:
Items that cannot be requested over RUNNERS such as items limited to in-library use, bound periodicals (excluding current editions.), etc., held at Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library, Shugakukan Research Library, the Arts & Humanities Library, Media Center, Media Library, OIC Library, Suzaku Research Library.
However, please be advised that some items such as valuable items, highly-damaged items, and certain books at the Suzaku Research Library may not be available for transfer.
As these reference materials are intended for use within the library, we ask that you refrain from requesting the transfer of numerous materials at the same time. A maximum of 5 items may be requested.
Click here to view rules relating to transfer established by other campuses.
In the event that the item you wish to have transferred is not in stock when you submit your request as it is in use by another library user, or for any other reason, your request may be cancelled.

Application Procedures

We ask that faculty members interested in using this service apply by sending an email or fax to the reception desk of the library at which they wish to view the items.
A sample application can be found here.
When applying by fax, please fill in the content within the thick-bordered boxes on the fax application form (PDF).
We will contact you once your application has been processed.
Depending upon the timing of the application, there are cases when the order is processed the following day or later. For urgent applications, please visit a library counter in person.
Reference materials transferred from other campuses may be used only within the library to which the material was transferred.

Preferred Date for Material Use

Please apply well in advance of your preferred date for use in order to allow time for the transfer process.
Transferred materials will be held at the counter for 6 working days inclusive of the day of delivery (exclusive of Sat, Sun, holidays). Please use the materials during this period.

Average Time Required to Complete Request

After your request has been processed, material transferred between the Kinugasa, BKC, OIC, and Suzaku campuses will be generally be delivered in the evening the following day. Material from APU will generally be delivered at Kinugasa, BKC, OIC, or Suzaku campus after 3 days.

However, as these delivery times are based on working days, Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and university-wide holidays, may result in longer times.
Please note that you will be contacted if your preference for date of use cannot be met.

Mail/Fax format when making requests for materials from other campuses.

We kindly ask that Ritsumeikan University faculty members make their applications in accordance with the following sample format when applying by email or fax for material transfers from other campuses:


  • If an application form is filled out incorrectly or incompletely, we will cancel the application.
  • Applications may be cancelled if the requested item is in use or not available on the shelf.
  • We ask that applicants provide a fax, telephone, or email address that will allow us to get in contact with them directly.

【Sample Format 】

When applying by Email, please enter
"Application to use items held at other campuses" in the subject line.

Address the email to the library at which you wish to use the material.

Please provide the following details as in the below sample:
1. Name : Ritsumei Taro
2. Position : Professor, College of Policy Science
3. ID card Number : 1234567
4. I wish to view these materials by 200X/XX/XX.
5-1-1. Email Address : when applying via Email)
(Required when applying via Email)
5-1-2. FAX Number : (Area Code)-XXX-XXXX
(Required when applying by FAX)
(When applying by FAX, you are required to provide a telephone number on which you can be contacted easily.)
(Sample 1: Book)
6-1. Book title : Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Dictionary of Terms / Institute for Land, Infrastructure, and Transport.
   Call Number : 510.3/KO 45
6-2. BKC Media Center Reference Books : BKC Media Center Reference Books
6-3. Book ID : 00112136515
(Sample 2: Journal)
7-1. Journal title : Journal of Urban Planning and Development / American Society of Civil Engineers
   ID : 30019460
   Publisher Number : 15
   Year of Publication : 2003-2003
   Call Number : 519
7-2. RUNNERS location : BKC Media Library 5F Fundamental Literature
7-3. Book ID : 15000023572