Staffed Photocopying Service for Full-time Faculty Members

The Library offers a photocopying service for materials held by University’s libraries to full-time faculty members as part of services offered to researchers.
Before applying for this service, please read the Precautionary Note regarding restrictions as established by the Copyright Law.

Scope of the Photocopying Service

  1. Eligible users
    • Full-time faculty members of Ritsumeikan University
    • Those who have received the approval of the Library's director after submitting a request
  2. Materials available for the service
    • Materials available for photocopying are limited to books and periodicals in stock at the Kinugasa Library, Shugakukan Research Library, Arts & Humanities Library, Media Center, Media Library, OIC Library, and Suzaku Research Library. However, the following materials are excluded from this service:
      • Microfilm/microfiche
      • Non-print materials (electronic medium materials, etc.)
      • Rare books
      • APU library materials
    • Photocopying methods are bound by the stipulations of the Copyright Law and other related laws and regulations.
    • Your request may be denied if the material is not on the shelves (e.g. on loan) at the time of request.

How to Order

  • Requests can be made by email or FAX or in person at the counter at one of the libraries: Kinugasa Library, Media Center, Media Library, Suzaku Research Library.
    Those wishing to make a request by FAX should use the Word version format of the request form.
    Click here to see service hours at each Library.
  • Photocopied materials can be picked up at the counter of each Library.
  • Photocopied materials are usually ready for pick-up in two working days after you make a request, except if that day is a university closed day. However, we will contact you to discuss the turnaround time if you have a large amount of materials to be photocopied, the libraries have received a large number of photocopy requests, or you made the request on a library open day during a university holiday.
  • No cancellations are accepted after a request is made.

Copying Fees/Payment Method

  • The fees are 20 yen per page for black-and-white and 60 yen per page for color (two facing pages of an open book are counted as one page). There is also a processing fee of 50 yen per article.
    "Per article" means per one independent literary work written by the same author or on the same topic that is comprised of consecutive pages. However, in the case of books, White Papers or almanacs, etc., it refers to material printed in the same book. In the case of periodicals, material published in the same issue.
  • The fee must be paid using Ritsumeikan's certificate stamps upon receiving the photocopied materials.
  • Accounts receivable are not an acceptable form of payment.
  • A receipt will be issued if you plan to receive reimbursement for the expense, such as via the Individual Research Material Allowance.

Precautionary Note

Copyright Law Restrictions

You must abide by the following terms in regard to the photocopying of copyrighted materials.

  1. Only a portion of the material shall be photocopied not its entirety.
  2. Academic papers and other articles published in
    periodicals may be published in their entirety, however, only after a reasonable amount of time has passed since their publication. (For example, after the next issue of the periodical is published, or 3 months have passed since publication, etc.)
  3. Only a maximum of one copy of the material shall be made per person.
  4. Photocopied material shall be for the study or research purposes only.
  5. Photocopied material shall not be recopied or distributed regardless of whether compensation is received or not.

You shall assume full responsibility in the event that an issue involving copyright law arises. The library shall not take responsibility.

Photocopying Service: Email Format

If you wish to apply for the photocopying service via email or fax, your request should conform to the following format. When emailing a request, we recommend that you copy and paste the “Format Sample” below into your email message, and write over the sample text.


  • Before applying for this service, please read the Precautionary Note regarding restriction established by the Copyright Law.
  • This service is only available to full-time faculty members of Ritsumeikan University.
  • Applications should be addressed to the library at which you wish take receipt of the photocopied materials.
  • Service Fee is 50 yen per article.
  • If you have provided incomplete bibliographic details for the item or the item cannot be located, your request may be canceled.
  • If the item requested for photocopying is not on the shelf (e.g. on loan), your request may not be accepted.

【Format Sample】

Dear Staff
I would like to request the photocopying service as below:

1.Name (SURNAME, First Name) : RITSUMEI, Taro
2.Position : Professor, College of Law
3.Faculty/Staff Number : 9400123
4.Latest Date for Receiving Material : 2001/10/23 :
5-2.Tel : 090-1234-5678
6.Item Details (Book Title/Journal Name/Volume No./ Year/etc.) : The Journal of Economic History / Volume 74 / Issue 04 / December 2014
7.Item Number : 04110123456
8.Pages to Copy : pp.15-23
9.Article Title : The Mystery of Property Rights: A U.S. Perspective
10.Other : Color photocopy