Use of the Conference Room and Theater Room at Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library

Faculty and staff of Ritsumeikan University are allowed to reserve the use of the following facilities at the Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library.

■ Conference Room
The conference room can be used for holding international and academic conferences, workshops, award ceremonies, poster sessions, events with guests from overseas, etc. Equipment: 81 writing armchairs, 2 projectors (1280x800), 2 desks, 6 wireless mics (including 1 pin mic).

■ Theater Room
The Theater Room offers a space to showcase academic and research information. Equipment: 40 fixed seats, 1 projector (1920x1200), 1 wired mic (no wireless mic).

■ Anteroom
The Anteroom can be used for meeting guests, etc. Equipment: 1 table, 4 chairs


Facilities are only available when the Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library is open. Facilities can be used 30 minutes after opening until 30 minutes before closing.
Library Schedule (Library Website)

Currently, reservations cannot be made for after March 31, 2017.
If you would like to make a reservation to use any of these facilities after March 31, please contact the persons listed in the contact below.

Reservation Procedure

Only faculty and staff of Ritsumeikan University are able to make reservations.

Please use the contact below to inquire about the reservation status of facilities. Please download, print and fill out the following "Facility Reservation Form" (Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library) and send it to the contact below via intercampus mail.
*Form:Facility Reservation Form (Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library)

You can check the reservation status of facilities through the Ritsumeikan Faculty & Staff Portal System. Click on Room & Equipment Reservations and select All Rooms and Kinugasa Campus from the drop down menus.Please make your reservation by downloading, printing and submitting the completed application form to the contact below via intercampus mail. You can receive the form through the portal system by clicking on Document Download > Library > Library Facility Use and downloading the Facility Reservation Form (Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library). The Office of Library Services will enter your reservation into the system after receiving your request.

How to Use

The Conference Room and Theater Room can be unlocked using your faculty/staff ID (IC card).Part-time lecturers should speak with the staff at the library service counter. Please note that the Anteroom is not locked. Remember to return desks and chairs to their original position after use and be careful not to leave any belongings or materials behind. If any equipment is broken or malfunctioning please contact the Office of Campus Management and Security (EXT: 2929).


Ms. Nagamatsu & Mr. Nakai, Office of Library Services (Kinugasa)
EXT: 2622 or 2570