Arts & Humanities Library

Characteristics of the Arts & Humanities Library

  • The Arts & Humanities Library stores research items relating to humanities and cultural sciences. The library includes materials on traditional Japanese-style books, Chinese classics, original books from the Meiji era, and other highly specialized materials.
  • Materials stored here are primarily for use by faculties and graduate students. However, undergraduate students may be given access if they carry out the appropriate procedures.

Entering and Exiting the Library

Entrance Procedures

  • Please fill out your year level and college at the counter.

Exiting Procedures

  • Please be sure not to accidentally carry out materials that have not been properly checked out. The entrance and exit gates are equipped with sensors that detect whether materials have been checked out or not.
    Please let the reception desk know if you use a pacemaker.

Entering and Exiting the Library on Saturdays

  • On Saturdays, you may enter and exit the Shugakukan through the central entrance only. (The East entrance will be closed.)

Undergraduate Student Use

  • When borrowing materials from the Arts & Humanities Library, please bring a copy of the RUNNERS collection screen and your student card to the counter and fill out the appropriate paperwork. If identical materials are located at the Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library, as a rule you must borrow the material from the Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library rather than Shugakukan.

Library Usage

  • Materials in the Arts & Humanities Library are separated by major, and given a call number. Please use shelved materials within the reading area and return them to their original location when finished (there is no book return rack.)
  • When using materials RUNNERS categorizes as「文・文献資料室」, please suppose the genre from the title, or look for stack A/D/E after checking card catalog.
  • When using materials RUNNERS categorizes as「文・○○専攻共研」「文院・○○専攻共研」「マップライブラリー」, please consult with the library reception counter. (You can't use the books on that day.)
  • Please feel free to make use of the "Stack Runner" system where you can electronically move the books stacks to access certain books using the switches on each block.
    Please keep in mind that when you use each block for a long period of time, you may become unable to use that block. After use, please turn off the electricity.

Use of Closed Stack Materials

  • Please fill out the fields on a request form (book title, volume etc)
  • Japanese-style books fall under a separate list. Please speak to staff at the counter when requesting such materials.
  • When searching for Chinese classic, please confirm its details in the "Ritsumeikan University Chinese classic Inventory" and talk to a staff member at the library counter.

Reading Rare Materials

  • You are able to read these materials on weekdays from 9am - 5:30pm.
  • Please go to the counter ahead of time to make a reservation to browse materials. Please fill out the fields on the "Application to Read Rare Materials" form and submit it to the counter of the Arts & Humanities Library. If you must read materials on the day you apply, you will be asked to wait 1 hour before you are allowed to browse.
  • Materials will be retrieved directly by library staff. However, faculties, full-time staff, part-time lecturers, and graduate students of Ritsumeikan University may enter the stacks with the supervision of a library staff. The library staff member will be in charge of unlocking and locking the precious books room.
  • When reading rare materials, please use the desk in front of the counter. Library users are absolutely prohibited from bringing any rare materials outside of the library. Please let library staff know when you will be away from your seat.
  • In order to ensure their preservation, many precious materials are not to be copied in any other way than written out by hand.
  • Please tell library staff at the counter if any books are accidentally soiled or damaged.