Shugakukan Research Library

Characteristics of the Shugakukan Research Library

  • The Shugakukan Research Library contains research materials in social sciences and foreign languages. In addition, it provides an IT based reference service.
  • This library is used primarily by faculties and graduate students. Undergraduate students may also access the materials after filling out the appropriate paperwork.

Entering and exiting the facilities

Entrance Procedures

  • Please leave any bags (excluding valuables) on the shelves provided at the entrance.
  • Please show student ID card / your library card at the 1st floor counter.

Exit Procedures

  • Please be sure not to accidentally carry out materials that have not been properly signed out. The entrance and exit gates are equipped with sensors that detect whether materials have been checked out or not.
    ※Please let the reception desk know if you use a pacemaker.

Entering and exiting on Saturdays

  • On Saturdays, you may enter and exit the Shugakukan through the central entrance only. (The East entrance will be closed.)

Undergraduate Student Use

  • When entering the library, please fill out your name, year level, and college at the counter.
  • When borrowing items from the Shugakukan Research Library, please bring a copy of the RUNNERS screen and your student ID card to the counter and fill out the appropriate paperwork. If identical items are located at the Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library, as a rule you must borrow the material from the Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library rather than Shugakukan.

Use of the Facilities

  • The access hours for materials from research laboratories and lounges are 9am - 5:30pm on weekdays. (Undergraduates are to fill out the appropriate paperwork at the 1st floor counter.)
  • Please go to the 1st floor counter at the Shugakukan Research Library when browsing or borrowing materials related to "Health and Physical Education," "Teacher-training Courses," and the "Center for General Education." Please note that it may take some time to retrieve materials.
  • Please feel free to make use of the "Stack Runner" system where you can electronically move the books stacks to access certain books using the switches on each block.
    Please keep in mind that when you use each block for a long period of time, other users may become unable to use that block. After use, please turn off the electricity.