Borrowing, Returning


Bring the item(s) you wish to borrow with your student ID, faculty ID, administrative staff ID, or library card to a circulation counter.

User Classification Lending Terms Renewal Limits
Library Materials Audiovisual Materials
Undergraduate students Up to 20 items for 14 days Up to 3 items for 7 days 2 times
Graduate students Up to 100 items for 100 days
Part-time lecturers
Sennin faculty staff Up to 200 items for 200 days 5 times
Administrative staff Up to 20 items for 100 days 2 times
Affiliate-school faculty
Affiliate-school students Up to 3 items for 14 days
General public
  • The number of library materials a person can borrow is the total of all materials; the figure includes the number of audiovisual materials and APU materials borrowed.
  • The loan periods are counted from the day after the book(s) is borrowed.
  • When a book due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, holiday or a closed day, the due date is extended to the next business day.
  • The following items are for in-library use only: newspapers, magazines, White Papers, statistics, and reference books.
  • The loan period for items in the career/employment section and the "Dokugaku" (読楽) corner is 14 days.
  • Only audiovisual materials stored at APU can be circulated.
  • Loan periods can be extended for undergraduate students during long holidays. Please see News & Topics for details.


Materials that you have checked out must be returned at the library counter or Automated Check Out/Check In Machines.

  • If you return a book late, you cannot borrow any books for the number of days that the book was late. You cannot borrow any materials without returning overdue materials first.