Using the OIC (Osaka Ibaraki Campus) Library (Publicly Accessible)

The OIC Library is open to any member of the general public and provides fee-based access to the Library’s resources to assist with researching, analyzing and studying. This guide explains services relating to the use of the collections and facilities of the OIC Library at Osaka Ibaraki Campus in Ibaraki, Osaka Prefecture. For more information on the libraries at Kinugasa Campus in Kita Ward, Kyoto and Biwako-Kusatsu Campus (BKC) in Kusatsu, Shiga Prefecture, click on the link here.

Application Eligibility:

Those who are 22 years or older as of April 2 in the year of your application are eligible to apply. However, if there are a large number of applications, your application may be rejected.

Accessible Facility

  • OIC Library
    • Library cards are issued to users for access to the facility.
    • You may not be able to use library facilities that have usage restrictions. (See below.)

Available Services:

  1. Users can browse materials, photocopy, and borrow materials from the OIC Library, Kinugasa Library, Media Center, Media Library, and APU Media Library.
    • You may borrow up to three books from the Library for a period of up to two weeks.
    • In order to renew your book loans, please bring the books you wish to renew to the Library and follow the procedures. (Please note that you may not extend your loan if the book has been reserved.)
    • If you would like to request items from libraries other than the OIC Library, go to the Service Counter on the second floor. You may not borrow the requested items on the day you made a request as the Library requests the items from the other libraries. Please confirm delivery days beforehand.
    • Please note that some books are for in-library use only.
    • Browsing, copying, or borrowing materials that are stored in the valuable materials stacks is prohibited.
  2. Borrowing, browsing, and photocopying property of Ritsumeikan University research institutes (Shugakukan Research Library, Arts & Humanities Library and Research Offices) is available.
    • If you would like to request items from these libraries, go to the Service Counter on the second floor. You may not borrow the requested items on the day you made a request as the Library requests the items from the other libraries. Please confirm delivery days beforehand.
    • You must request permission for photocopies beforehand.
    • You may not enter the stack area.
    • Please note that some materials are not available for use.

Prohibited Services:

  1. During the time when students are entering the university (April) and the Final exam periods (July/January), only the university students may use the facility. There may be additional cases where entering the Library is prohibited.
  2. Inter-library Access System (introducing materials to, or requesting materials from, other institutions)
  3. Reference search (You may ask a librarian to search for books and journals, determine if an item is in the collection, perform database searches, and other types of searches.)
  4. Requesting to purchase materials
  5. Restricted facilities in the Library:
    • Reading Room for Research, Individual Research Room, Seminar Room
    • Calculator Practice Room
    • Universal Access Room
    • Peer Learning Room “Piara”
  6. Due to contractual obligations, the use of the database or applications that are only accessible by members of the University is prohibited.

Application Procedures

  • When applying for library use, please prepare the following documents and submit them to the Service Counter on the second floor of the OIC Library. Those who are unable to visit the Library in person to apply, can apply by postal mail.
  • You may apply until an hour before the scheduled closing time.
  • Library hours and days are posted on the Library’s homepage or on the information boards.

Items to prepare when applying:

  1. Application for usage
  2. Identification documents
    • Photo (upper body, no hat/cap, 3cm x 2.5cm, may be taken in a photo booth, and may be black and white or color.)
    • An official document for proof of identity that shows your current address or workplace (e.g. driver's license, health insurance card, certificate of residence issued within a month)
      For those with only a passport, please bring an additional ID displaying your current address(e.g. utility bills/receipts, etc.)
      Those who live or work in Ibaraki and request access to the Library at a special rate are required to bring a document showing their current address or workplace in Ibaraki.

Library Card

  1. Only one library card will be distributed per person. Each card will expire at the end of the academic year (March 31).
  2. Please be sure to bring your card when using the Library.
  3. Please read over the notes about card usage found on the back of the card.
  4. If your card is lost or damaged, please visit the counter where you applied for the card.
  5. If there are any changes to your address, phone number etc., please be sure to quickly notify the counter where you received your card.
  6. If your card expires or if you lose usage privileges, please return your library card immediately.

Registration Fees/Hours of Operation

1 Year (April to March of the next year) 3,000 yen

  • Half year(April - September and October - March)registration requires 1500 yen.
  • Those who live or work in Ibaraki can apply for access to the Library at a special rate.
  • Those who request continued access to the Library must renew their library cards every year.
  • Please note that we cannot return registration fees once they have been processed.
  • To re-issue your card costs 1,000 yen when your card is lost.

Points to Consider

  1. Out of the consideration of all library users, we prohibit the actions listed below. Library users who do any of the following will be required to return their library cards and may be denied access to the Library in the future.
    • Viewing private audio/video materials inside the Library
    • Bringing infants or young children to the Library with you
    • Eating, drinking, smoking, chatting, or reading aloud inside the Library
    • Lending out materials you borrowed or lending out your card to another person
    • Disturbing other library users
    • Borrowing materials without authorization
    • Using a cell phone/PHS inside the Library
    • Any actions that go against the library rules or regulations and any other offensive actions
  2. When leaving the Library, please confirm that you are not carrying any materials that have not been authorized for borrowing. The exit gate has a function that is able to detect if such authorization has been given.
  3. Please note that the Service Counter (including services related to loaning/borrowing) closes 15 minutes before the Library closes.
  4. If you return any materials late, you will not be able to take out any additional materials as many days as the book was overdue.
  5. Compensation money for materials or facilities that are lost or damaged will be collected from users.
  6. Inside the Library and on-campus we do not provide personal lockers. Therefore, please keep close watch over your valuables and carry them with you at all times.
  7. You may not visit the Library by car or motorbike.