Photocopying Library Materials

You may make photocopies of library materials at the library within the limits of the Copyright Law.

  1. You may only photocopy a portion of any given work.
  2. Theses an articles published in periodicals may be copied in their entirety but only after a reasonable amount of time has passed since their publication. (For example, if the next issue of the periodical has been published or 3 months have passed since publication of the article, etc.) (If you attempt to leave the library with an item that has not been checked out properly, an alarm will sound.)
  3. One person is permitted to make up to one copy of any given item.
  4. Copies must be for the user’s research purposes.
  5. Regardless of whether compensation is received or not, copied materials must not be recopied or distributed. Click here for more information.

Staffed Photocopying Service for Full-time Faculty Members

The Library offers a staffed photocopying service for materials held at the University’s libraries to full-time faculty members.
If you wish to make use of the service, you are asked to consent to the terms of use.

e-DDS(Electronic Document Delivery Service)

1.What is e-DDS (Electronic Document Delivery Service)?

e-DDS is a fee-based web service that allows users to request photocopies and view library materials online. These services are available for materials with an e-DDS icon on RUNNERS.


2.Eligible Users

Professors, associate professors, "Sennin" lecturers, assistant professors, and lecturers of Ritsumeikan University (Emeritus Professors, "Tokubetsu Shohei" professors, visiting professors, chair professors, visiting associate professors, "Tokubetsu Shohei" associate professors, and part-time lecturers are ineligible for the service.)

3.Outline of e-DDS Service

  1. You can request e-DDS for materials marked with an e-DDS icon on the detailed information screen after making an OPAC search. You can apply for the service from outside the campus; however, you can only view the materials via the on-campus network.
  2. Once you receive a notification email that the material you requested is available for reading, you have two weeks to read it. (Access is allowed only from the campus network.)
  3. Please note that the fees can be paid by payroll deduction only.
  4. Fees: 20 yen per page in PDF format (opposing pages of an open book (double spreads) up to A3 in size are scanned as a one-page document.)
  5. Please abide by copyright laws when using this service.
    • Only up to one copy of materials is permitted.
    • PDF files cannot be saved to a computer or any memory devices.
    • It is strictly prohibited for you to inform a third party of the URL for the PDF or distribute the file or printouts to anyone.

For effective use of Library resources,

* If you do not have detailed information about the materials you need, you are advised to identify the materials with the help of a librarian in advance.