Using books

Books in the library are arranged by topic and in the order of their call numbers in accordance with the Nippon Decimal Classification (NDC) system.

Journals are arranged by title in alphabetical order from left to right. (Japanese journals are ordered according to the Hepburn romanization of their title. Initial articles ("The" and "A") are not counted as part of journal titles for ordering purposes.)

  • When finished with a book/journal, do not put it back on the shelf. Leave it on one of the return carts.

Reading Rare Books

If you would like to read rare books please fill out the Request Form and submit it to the library counter. Students (undergraduate and graduate) need their supervisor’s stamp /signature in order to file an application.

  • Rare books can be read Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 17:30. Requests are accepted until 17:00. (Materials cannot be used during the end-of-year holidays and summer vacation)
  • Rare books from other campuses cannot be requested. Please use these inside the respective libraries.

Reading Doctoral Dissertations

Doctoral Dissertations are available at Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library, BKC Media Library, and OIC Library. For a list of titles, click here.

・ Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library: Law, Sociology, International Relations, Literature, Learning
・ Media Library: Economics, Engineering/Technology, Science
・ OIC Library: Business Administration, Policy Science, Technology Management

  • Doctoral Dissertations may only be read within the library. Please complete an application form with author, title, and degree number and submit it to the counter.
  • Doctoral Dissertations may be viewed 09:00-21:45* Monday to Friday (*09:00-19:15 during holiday periods) 10:00-16:45 on Saturdays and Sundays.

Using Audiovisual Materials etc.

Using Audiovisual Materials image

  • Audiovisual Materials etc., (including supplementary materials) may only be used within the library at which they are stocked. However, there may be cases where the corresponding equipment for playing the material is not available. We would appreciate your understanding in such cases.