Using Materials from Other Campuses

Requesting Materials from Other Campuses

You can request materials from other campuses. Click on “Reserve/Request” from the RUNNERSsearch results screen.

  • Please select which library to collect materials from when making transfer requests via RUNNERS.
    Undergraduate students may not have items transferred to the Shugakukan Research Library, Arts & Humanities Library, or Suzaku Research Library. Please select another library.
  • You cannot request the transfer of materials between facilities located on the same campus. Please visit the facility stocking the material.
    However, undergraduate students should request transfers to the Hirai Kaichiro Memorial Library when they need to use items stocked at the Research Institute.
  • Materials sent between Kinugasa, BKC ,OIC and Suzaku Campuses are usually available in the evening of two days later. Materials sent between APU and the other campuses are usually available in 3 days.
  • You cannot make transfer requests for some kind of materials. Please visit a library counter for assistance when you need to make transfer requests for materials that you cannot request for transfer via RUNNERS.
  • Please be advised that items owned by APU Library that are reserved or transferred to Kinugasa, BKC, OIC, or Suzaku shall be subject to loan conditions relating to inter-campus usage established by APU.

Email and Fax Applications for Use of Materials for which Interlibrary Transfer Requests cannot be placed over RUNNERS

As a service available to faculty members (full time, emeritus, concurrent, part-time, et al.), we accept requests for interlibrary transfers via email or fax.
For further details click here.

Inter-Campus Copying Service

You can have copies of magazines and almanacs sent from other campuses. Click here for further details.