Reservation and Recall


You can reserve items that another user has checked out.
Click on "Reserve/Request" on the RUNNERS search results screen.

  • Reservations will be valid for one month. You can renew the reservation via MyLibrary
    if you are unable to check out the book within one month.

Click here to see other possible display options for the RUNNERS search results page.


You can recall an item, which has been on loan by another user for more than a month, and keep it for up to 14 days. Please inquire at a circulation counter.

Only undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and administrative staff can make recall requests and for only up to five items. Please note that you cannot make a recall during the spring/summer break and examination periods. Some research books cannot be recalled and you cannot repeat a recall for an item until one month after the initial recall.

A user who receives a recall request:
Recall notices will be sent via email from a circulation counter. Please return the item(s) within 7 days from the day after the email was sent. Specify if you would like to borrow the item again when the recalled item(s) is available.

Please note the following restrictions:
When a recall is requested, the duration of the loan period is reduced. If you do not return the item(s) by the due date, the item becomes overdue and you will not be able to borrow more items. In about three weeks, you will be notified via email when the recalled item(s) is available for pickup. The item(s) will be held at a circulation counter.