5 min Web Guide to Using the Library !

  • RUNNERS (Book search)

    RUNNERS Books allows users to search the collections of both Ritsumeikan…more

  • RUNNERS (Journal sesarch)

    RUNNERS Journals allows users to search a wide range of resources…more

    Discovery Service

    RUNNERS Discovery Service allows users to search books…more

  • CiNii Articles

    CiNii Articles is useful when searching articles published in academic journals …more

  • CiNii Books

    CiNii Books enables users to search books and academic journals stocked…more

  • My Library

    Using My Library, users can check the status of loan, reserve items…more

  • Webcat Plus

    Webcat Plus returns books, works, and people related to a keyword.…more

  • Japan Knowledge

    Japan Knowledge Lib allows users to search multiple encyclopedias…more

  • Nikkei Telecom 21

    Nikkei Telecom 21 allows users to search articles published…more

  • Kikuzo II Visual

    Kikuzo II Visual provides access to articles in newspapers…more