New・Ritsumeikan Academic Information System =RUNNERS (Announcement)


As the current version of the Ritsumeikan Academic Information System (RUNNERS) will no longer be supported, the system will be updated in March 8, 2018 and updated with a new version of RUNNERS. This announcement outlines functions of the new system, as well as changes and differences between the old system and the new system.

A New Version of OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog)

The display will have a new design. The display and layout will resize automatically to fit any screen, from PCs to smartphones. The search function already allows you to search for results on other sites, but the number of other sites will increase, so the quality of your search results will improve. Also, we are introducing a new function that will show you materials related to your OPAC search results. For example:
■Similar materials: Displays materials which closely match the subject/topic of your material.
■Others who viewed this material also viewed: Using the new system’s search history data, displays materials in descending order by how often searchers accessed a material’s ‘details’ screen.
■Others who borrowed this book also borrowed: Using Loan history data, books will be displayed in descending order by frequency of use.

A New Version of MyLibrary

MyLibrary is a virtual library that allows everyone at Ritsumeikan University to access materials, resources, and search tools online, and which can be organized to suit a user’s individual needs like a personal study room. As before, users will be able to reserve materials, make inquiries about lending procedures, extend due dates for borrowed materials, submit book purchase requests, and so on. MyLibrary will have a new design, and new useful search functions will be added. For example:
■New Arrivals: We will maintain a list of materials that have been added to the library in the last 1 – 5 months, organized by source type (Books, Periodicals, AV Materials).
■Access Ranking: OPAC Search Words will be ranked by frequency and displayed (service planned to start in the AY 2018 Fall Semester).

MyLibrary Settings will not be Imported

The bookmarks and SDI Alert Services you have used up to now will not be imported to the new MyLibrary. If you have bookmarks or SDI Alert settings you wish to continue to use in the future, you MUST back them up yourself by March 4,2018.

You will no longer be logged out of MyLibrary Automatically

In order to protect your personal information, please be sure to log out after using the system.

The Automated Check Out/Check In Machines will no longer print receipts

After moving to the new RUNNERS, the Automated Check Out/Check In Machines will no longer print receipts. After returning or borrowing a book, you can check your usage history on your MyLibrary page. (After logging in to MyLibrary, click the ‘User’s Service’ menu and navigate to ‘Status of Loan / Reservation.’) If you need a receipt, please ask at the service counter.

Due Dates will be set to days the Library is Open, regardless of the Day of the Week

Your due date will be set to a day the library is open, even if it’s a Saturday, Sunday, or Holiday. Please be sure to return materials before they are overdue.

<Note For Faculty>
Up to now we have sent out due date emails only before materials became overdue, but from April 2018 we will send out reminder emails even for overdue materials. However, we apologize for the inconvenience but as due dates for research materials purchased as part of the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research are set to the end of the research period, if you receive a due date email, please contact your appropriate office. Kinugasa / Suzaku campus faculty should contact the Kinugasa Research Office, and BKC/OIC faculty should contact the Library Service Counter.


OPAC sample image
(Notes)it is under development it may be different at completion

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