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About Us

Message from the Dean


Our era marks a turning point in history when social structures and business models are changing dramatically. It goes without saying that the exponential growth of IT companies such as Google and the rise of unicorn companies have been driven by a diverse range of technologies and innovations. 

The Ritsumeikan University Graduate School of Technology Management (MOT) was founded in 2005. Since then, with the aim of “changing the world through innovation”, we have been exploring various research issues using the scientific lens known as MOT. This refers to a series of academic disciplines related to management that help innovation represented by the latest technology contribute to corporate management performances and the evolution of social systems. 

However, it is difficult to translate innovation into management results simply by exhaustively studying MOTs which originated in the United States. One could say that the rapidly changing global situation has brought about a time for reappraising the value of “Japanese-style MOT”. 

In order to practice “Japanese-style MOT”, first we must have creativity and imagination regarding the future vision that we seek to achieve, such as what kind of company or society we want to establish, and what kind of world we are aiming towards. It is also vital that innovation and this desired future can emerge from each other. 

Second, MOT is surrounded by a wide range of academic disciplines that should be studied. It is not only necessary to learn specific fields that lie at the root of MOT, such as engineering and business administration, but also methodology such as statistics and mathematics. Therefore, achieving MOT requires us to mobilize knowledge that spans across the latest technologies and existing academic fields. 

Third, we must nevertheless realize that deepening MOT expertise is not enough to change companies, society, and the world. In fact, real corporate and societal applications of MOT have the practical aspect of finding the optimal solution under complex constraints. There is also the need for collaborative value creation via technology and innovation from both the creator and user perspectives. Furthermore, each company or society has its own unique culture and style, which means that changing an organization often requires considerable time and effort. 

Thus, in an era of global uncertainty, contributing to the world by transforming businesses and society through innovation not only requires MOT expertise, but also a combination of fundamental human faculties such as enthusiasm and initiative, the ability to find problems, communication skills, ethics, and liberal arts knowledge. 

As Kansai's only MOT graduate school, Ritsumeikan MOT has been improving our research and education environment to implement the aforementioned “Japanese-style MOT”.

That is to say, students with diverse academic, industry and global backgrounds collaborate with an international knowledge network to solve new research issues rooted in companies and society. We also continue to provide students with opportunities to learn and enhance themselves along with their peers to complement their original specialization. 

Here is a summary of benefits for establishing your future career based on each MOT student segment:

Students from science: By taking management into perspective, the scope for your future activities will expand significantly.

Students from humanities and social science: Enhance your persuasiveness and influence people by cultivating thinking habits that attempt to understand the structure and mechanism of a problem.

Professional students: This is an opportunity to reflect on the essence lying behind the issues you encounter during daily work.

International students: Become a gateway to Japanese society. The ability to write dissertations in Japanese will win the trust of those around you.

For students who wish to pursue further research, the pathway to earning a doctoral degree is also available. 

Our team of faculty and staff at Ritsumeikan MOT are working together with students, corporations and society with the aspiration to “change the world through innovation.” We look forward to your support and encouragement.


Yasuo Kadono