ACTIVITY 高2 英語プレゼンテーションコンテスト



高2 英語プレゼンテーションコンテスト


On February 7, 2020
 We, the second year students in the high school had a Presentation Contest. All the speakers and MCs made a great effort to make their presentations successful on the stage.
 The Presentation Contest actually started in the winter vacation, when the students all wrote their own speeches on what will happen in the next 30 years. We held in-class contests at the end of January, and 11 speakers were chosen. We were impressed with all our classmates. Some people had excellent pronunciation, some people wrote speeches with wonderful messages, and some made outstanding performances in their presentations.
 The Presentation Contest was a great chance to improve our skills of expressing our own feelings in English. By making the most of this contest, as great presenters and listeners, we will keep making progress in English!