ACTIVITY 第22回 World Youth Meetingが開催されました



第22回 World Youth Meetingが開催されました


 9月26日、27日の2日間にわたり、例年台湾の姉妹校からの生徒ホームステイ受け入れとともに実施している協働プレゼンテーション大会、World Youth Meetingが、今年度はコロナの影響もありオンラインで実施されました。本校グローバルコースの高校3年生3名、高校1年生1名が参加しました。
 姉妹校の中正高級中學からの参加生徒2名とのプレゼンテーション。今年は“SDGs ゴール4、私たちにできること”をテーマに、本校生徒たちは台湾のTeach For Taiwanという制度を知り、それを日本にも取り入れられないかという発表を行いました。他校の様々なプレゼンテーションから学ぶことも多くありました。2日目はテーマごとのグループに分かれてのディスカッションが行われ、生徒たちは世界中の高校生や大学生とのLGBTQやRobot Teacherなどの興味深いトピックについて意見を交わしました。

  • 〇 This year,2020 I joined the world youth meeting for the first time. I decided to join this because I keen to learn about how everyone in the world think that they can tackle the COVID-19 situation especially in Asia. I was the leader of this project with 3 other students from my school and 2 girls from Taiwan, Jong Joeng High school. Even we couldn’t get the prize, I know that this experience become perfect for us to go on a next stage like University.

  • 〇 At the day of World Youth Meeting, I and my teammates were very nervous. We practiced many times before presentation. To be honest, it was kind of scary to present online because we didn’t present in front of people so we can’t see the reactions and it’s hard to know an atmosphere. However, I think it would be a great experience like this doing online because of this day and age. After finished our presentation, we watched many other team’s presentations. It was good and interesting to know other ideas. I was inspired by some team’s presentation such as their English skill, contents and so on. Besides, I enjoyed to watch introduce of each country’s traditional things. I wanted to go some countries when I watch it. In conclusion, I could learn many things through the World Youth Meeting. We were stuck in difficult situations sometimes and we couldn’t get a prize, but I spend wonderful time with my teammates and I could get a great experience. I would like to try doing lots of different kinds of project if given an opportunity. This time we couldn’t meet Taiwanese students, but I hope we can see each other someday.