ACTIVITY 高校 Model United Nations(模擬国連)Ujiに本校生12名が参加しました

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高校 Model United Nations(模擬国連)Ujiに本校生12名が参加しました


 12月4日、13日、14日に立命館宇治高校主催にて実施されたModel United Nations(模擬国連)Ujiに、本校より高校2,3年生12名が参加しました。12名の生徒は各国の大使になりきり、事前準備から国連の会議を模した当日の議論やスピーチまで、活発に取り組みました。

 On December 4th, 13th, and 14th, 12 of our students participated in the online Model United Nations hosted by Ritsumeikan Uji. The topics this MUN focused on were quality education, zero hunger, and peace, justice, & strong institutions. Along with over 130 other students, we discussed and debated the best way to solve the distinct global issues that many member countries of the United Nations face in modern times. Afterwards, we composed individual clauses that were combined into resolutions addressing each topic. In this MUN, our students learned a lot about global issues and the difficulties in accomplishing the goals set out by the SDGs, and learned how international cooperation is the key to building a better and more secure future for our world.