Classes in the Academic Year 2021

BCP Level 1 to 2 BCP Level 3 to 4
Face-to-face classes, seminars, experiments, and practicums will be held, having enacted measures to prevent infection.
Web-based classes may be held for some courses.
In principle, classes will be held online, but face-to-face classes may be held for some courses.

*As for the Ritsumeikan University Action Guidelines in Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak (Business Continuity Plan: BCP), please click here.

The class format is described on the syllabus or Courses in manaba+R. So please be sure to check the syllabus or Courses to see how the classes will be conducted.

Implementation of Face-to-Face Classes

In consideration of cases where students are unable to attend face-to-face classes due to a variety of reasons, such as health concerns or concerns about infecting family members, or when restricting the number of students in a classroom to half each depending on the environment of the classroom, live streaming of classes or streaming of lecture videos will be offered so that to students can attend classes from off-campus. The specific method in case that consideration is required will be determined in consultation with the instructor in charge of the course.
For details, please check Officially Approved Absence/Special Considerations on Classes.

Self-Study Classrooms
Self-study classrooms are provided on each campus for students to take web-based classes. For details, please refer to the following information of each campus.
Kinugasa Campus: Click Here
BKC: Click Here
OIC: Click Here

Change in Class Hours
In order to smoothly conduct the web-based classes, the University has decided to change some part of the class hours of each period. Specifically, the break time after 1st period (1-2) and 3rd period (5-6) (science period in parentheses) will be extended from 10 minutes to 15 minutes, and the lunch break will be shortened from 50 minutes to 40minutes. Therefore, the start time of the 2nd period will be 5 minutes later and the start time of the 3rd period will be 5 minutes earlier.
For details, please check the Academic Calendar/Class Hours.

Use of the Information Processing Room
To prevent the spread of infection, the use of headphones or headsets provided in the Information Processing Room is prohibited. Please prepare your own headphones or headsets if necessary. The types of headphones or headsets that can be connected to the computer differs depending on a campus. Please check "Use of the On-Campus Computer and Printing Environment in the Spring Semester"
For details, please check the "Use of the On-Campus Computer and Printing Environment in the Spring Semester" .

Information on support services for those who need to set up an online learning environment
Ritsumeikan will offer “Online Classes Starter Kit” so that students can take classes at home or off-campus without stopping their studies. This service is available to current undergraduate students and graduate students. If you need to improve your online learning environment, please consider using this service.
For details, please click here
only available in Japanese).

For inquiries on this:, ltd
         Department of Service, Division of Information and Communications

How to take web-based classes

How to take web-based classes

*For Online Tools, please click here.

< Precautions when using wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) >
The university has installed a wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) in all general classrooms for use in classes.
In order to use the wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) in stable condition, please pay attention to the following points.
Please connect your PC or smartphone used in class to a stable wireless LAN (SSID) called "5GHz-Rits-1Xauth" dedicated to classrooms.For how to connect, please check the Rainbow IT Support Site.
In the classroom, please turn off the wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) of smartphones and other devices that are not being used in class.
Please do not view videos not related to the class (youtube, etc.) during class.

New Infection Prevention Protocols
With regard to the infection prevention measures that will be newly implemented in the 2021 academic year, we will implement even more thorough infection prevention protocols to realize an environment where students can meet and learn together while leading fulfilling lives on campus.
For more information about the infection prevention measures for the 2021 academic year and the past infection prevention measures, please click here.