KOKUSAITEKI Research Fund(International Research Fund)

【Important Notice】
Overseas travel and conducting research abroad are now difficult due to the spread of the Novel Coronavirus. Regarding the application for 2020 KOKUSAITEKI Research Fund, Eligibility period of travel for Spring Application is set from September 26th due to the impact of the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Aim and Qualification

This is the research fund to accelerate and support the international research activities of the young researchers of the doctoral program at Ritsumeikan University.

Eligibility period of travel
September 26, 2020~March 31, 2021


The doctoral or the integrated doctoral students who are planning to do research activities abroad over 15 days within the appropriate year.

*This Research Grant is distributed once a year, and three times during enrollment per selected applicant.
(Those who were selected as recipients of this fund less than twice while being enrolled.)

*Please be sure to check the details in the Application Guidelines.

Number of Recipients

Less than 50 (in AY2020)

Application Procedures

Application will be accepted by the submission of designated application form and required documents together within the application period.

*Please read the Application Guidelines carefully when preparing Application Form.
*Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides Overseas Travel Safety Information on its website,
  and the dangerous level 2 is issued to all countries now. 
  All applicants must submit "Additional Document related to the Safety(Form 6) this time.
  In addition, please write the level of "Infectious Disease Warning (感染症危険情報)"
  on the Application Form
because the level of 感染者危険情報 level is set higher than
  "Travel Advice and Warning
危険情報". (added on June 5, 2020)


Application Period

・Spring semester: Wednesday, June 10, 2020 to Tuesday, June 16, 2020 (by 17:00 *JST)

・Fall semester : Monday, October 26, 2020 to Friday, October 30, 2020 (by 17:00 *JST)

How to submit:

Prepare all the “Submission Documents” as PDF data. Then log in manaba+R and submit the PDF data of submission documents from “Graduate Student Career Path Support Center(大学院キャリアパスサポートセンター)” .
[How to submit Application Documents/Documents necessary for procedures(PDF)]

※ If you wish to send the documents by post due to unavoidable reasons, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies (KIC) by e-mail in advance. Please make sure that the documents do not lack any information or signature, and send them by simplified registered mail. The documents must arrive by the deadline. Please send the document by post to the address below (by using a registered mail to keep the record of delivery).

Applicants must make the application form by Ri-SEARCH.

You can check the way to make the forms through the below manuals.

Procedures for the Recipients

Important points and briefing as a video will be distributed for the recipients. All recipients must check this video site.

Research Report

The recipients of this fund should report their research result. Please submit the Research Report (form 4) and Poster by data and original documents by March 19,2021. We will also have the oral or poster presentation session for the research achievement. We ask all recipients to participate in this poster session actively.

Download Forms

 The documents below are under preparation .

Inquiry Office

Office of Graduate Studies:

Kinugasa CampusShitoku-kan 4F075-465-8195