AY2018 Research Proposal Contest Application

Ritsumeikan University Graduate School Research Proposal Contest
Communicating your research to others

Your research achievements may form part of your theses, raise questions for society, or provide solutions to problems. However, you will first need to acquire the skills to properly design a research proposal. This is a great opportunity to challenge yourself to write a research proposal and see how other people evaluate it. All interested graduate students are encouraged to enter.
In addition, the content of the application format is almost the same as that for applying the JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists. The JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientist are being adopted annually. The Research Proposal Contest is also positioned as a place of training before applying for the JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientist. We hope applicants to proactively apply to the JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists and to be adopted after this Contest.

  1. Contest Entry Information
  2. Application Guidelines
  3. Evaluation
  4. Handling of Personal Information

Contest Entry Information

  1. To improve conceptualization skills for research.
  2. To develop your ability to convey your specialist knowledge and research results to wider society.
  3. To improve your generic writing skills.
Qualification Requirements

Graduate students who are currently enrolled in a master's program, doctoral program, 5-year doctoral program, or professional degree program at Ritsumeikan University are eligible to enter.

Field of Study

Humanities and Social Science 
Science and Engineering

Entry Period

Wednesday, September 26, 2018 – Wednesday, November 7, 2018 by 5:00 p.m.

How to Enter

Submit the application data to the Office of Graduate Studies by email.

Email address:

Announcement of Results

Late November, 2018
The results will be mailed to the contestant’s address.

Awards Ceremony

Tuesday, December 18th, 2018

OIC Building A 1st floor Camping Kitchen


■Apply here:

Please fill in the following information.

1.Student I.D.   2. Name   3.Graduate school/Course   4.Year level

*Anyone can participate in this contest.

* The selected award winner will present their research proposal at the award ceremony. After the ceremony, a small party will be held for all contestants.

*Included meals


Grand prize 1 student from each field (Certificate & JPY50,000 AMAZON gift cards) 
Excellence award 2 students from each field (Certificate & JPY30,000 AMAZON gift cards) 
Extra effort award 3 students from each field (Certificate)

Hosted by

Graduate Students Career Path Support Center


Office of Graduate Studies at Kinugasa Campus
Telephone: 075-465-8195

Application Guidelines

  1. Only one application per person is permitted. (Joint research is not accepted.) 
  2. Applications must be completed by the applicant. 
  3. Applicants who have applied before cannot apply with the same research proposal. The contents this time must be improved including some progress. 
  4. Documents submitted in application will not be returned. Please ensure that you make copies of all documents you submit.
  5. Applications that do not meet the requirements or do not abide by the rules for submission will not be processed.
  6. If any falsification of research progress or results is found on the application, the applicant will be severely punished in accordance with Ritsumeikan University Student Disciplinary Regulations. 
  7. We cannot answer queries regarding screening process. 
  8. Please contact the Office of Graduate Studies if you have a visual or hearing disability and have difficulty indicating by figures.

  1. Download the application form from the website of the Graduate Students Career Path Support Center. Please make sure to complete your application using the prescribed forms for this contest and type them using a font size of 10.5 point. If you change the prescribed format or if you attach documents composed on paper other than the prescribed form, your application will not be accepted. 
    Forms can be downloaded here:
    AY2018 Application Guidelines
    Entry Form

  2. Use diagrams (graphs, charts or other methods) to provide a general outline of your research in the “Research outline diagram” box. (Page 2 of the application form) Refer to the diagrams of the last year's awardees: 
  3. Complete your application using a computer. 
  4. Applications should be written in Japanese or English. 
  5. Use graphs, charts, or other visual aids to make your research proposal understandable to readers, who may not necessarily be experts in, nor have previous knowledge of, your field. 
  6. The application data must be in PDF format.


The following examination items will be reviewed from the perspectives of(1)Consistency of argument and format(2)Readability and clarity of explanation(3)Creativity(4)Concreteness of research plan/proposal.
  1. Research outline diagram
  2. Research objectives/details
  3. Unique/creative features of the research
  4. Research background
  5. Research Achievement
  6. Motivation for becoming a researcher, intended image of a researcher in the future, strength points
  1. Applications will be evaluated by a screening committee established by the Graduate Student Career Path Support Center.
  2. If any falsification of research progress or results is found on the application, the applicant will be severely punished in accordance with Ritsumeikan University Student Disciplinary Regulations.

Handling of Personal Information

Personal information obtained by the contest organizer as part of the Ritsumeikan University Graduate School Research Proposal Contest will be managed and handled in accordance with the Ritsumeikan Trust Basic Policy for the Protection of Personal Information. However, names, affiliations and research outline diagram of awardees will be posted at the awards ceremony and on the Ritsumeikan websites.