Academic Skills Program Spring 2018 Program Report

Academic Skills Program Spring 2018 was held during the period between Saturday, April 28 and Friday, June 15 at Kinugasa Campus (KIC), Biwako-Kusatsu Campus (BKC) and Osaka Ibaraki Campus (OIC).

This course is designed to help graduate students acquire the fundamental academic skills needed to complete academic papers and give presentations.


Participants attended lectures once a week for five weeks at OIC, and at KIC and BKC, participants attended a one-day intensive course (four sessions were given).

Most of the participants enjoyed the program very much and some said, “This class is very helpful for me!! Thank you very much,” or “I hope that this kind of class can be conducted regularly.”


Course Schedule (OIC)

Session 1Academic Writing / Presentation SkillsThe Structure of a Paper and Presentation

Session 2Academic Writing Common Errors and Accuracy

Session 3Academic Writing Paraphrasing and Referencing

Session 4Presentation Skills Posture, Gestures, and Eye Contact

Session 5Presentations Skills Voice, Tone, and Q&A


*At KIC and BKC, the five sessions listed above was condensed into a single day over four 90-minute periods.