Academic Writing Tutorials & Proofreading Sessions Spring 2017

The Academic Writing Tutorials & Proofreading Sessions provide you with the opportunity to have your written work checked by an English instructor. You can sign-up for a 45-minute private (one-on-one) tutorial session in which an instructor will check your actual paper to find areas which need improvement. Students who are planning on submitting a thesis or any other form of academic paper but lack confidence in your English writing ability should take advantage of this opportunity.

*We recommend you to use "Turnitin" (electronic text-matching system) before your tutorial sessions. For more details, please see this information.


Graduate students pursuing degrees at Ritsumeikan University

Tutorial Schedule

*Time slots shown in the table below are fully booked except for a few slots at OIC.

 Therefore, we are providing a few additional sessions at KIC and at BKC.

 If you wish to apply for a tutorial session, choose from the additional sessions written below.

 The application method does not change.

 We are also giving you the information of available slots at OIC.

 Note: The available slots as of 5:00PM, Friday, June 16 are written below. If you want to know the updated information, contact the Office of Graduate Studies at Kinugasa campus.

<Additional slots at KIC>

Tuesday, Jun 20 18:45-19:30   Wednesday, July 5 18:45-19:30   Tuesday, July 11 18:45-19:30

<Additional slots at BKC>

Wednesday, Jun 28 18:45-19:30   Tuesday, Jul 4 18:00-18:45   Tuesday, Jul 4 18:45-19:30

<Available slots at OIC>  Room: Building A  AN327

Friday, Jul 7 18:45-19:30   Tuesday, Jul 18 16:20-17:05   Tuesday, Jul 18 17:05-17:50

Choose your 3 preferences from any of the following time slots and campus.

Date / Times16:20 - 17:0517:05 - 17:5018:00 - 18:4518:45 - 19:30
June 9
June 13Tue.KIC KIC  
June 14Wed.OIC OIC  
June 16Fri.  BKC BKC
June 20Tue.KIC KIC  
June 21Wed.OIC  OIC
June 23Fri.   BKC BKC
June 27Tue.OICOIC   
June 28
June 30
Fri.   KIC KIC
July 4Tue. BKCBKC   
July 5Wed. KICKIC  
July 7
July 11Tue.KICKIC
July 12Wed.BKCBKC  
July 14Fri.  KIC  KIC
July 18Tue.OICOIC
July 21Fri.BKC  BKC

Class Room

KICAll sessions RYOYUKAN 828

Fri. Jun 9, Fri. Jun 16, Fri. Jun 23

 Wed. Jun 28, Tue. Jul 4, Wed. Jul 12,
Fri. Jul 21




Wed. Jun 14, Wed. Jun 21

Tue. Jun 27, Fri. Jul 7, Tue. Jul 18

 Building C   C472

 Building A   AN327


There is no tuition fee for taking part in this non-credit program.

How to apply (for ONE tutorial session)

Applications can be accepted from May 25.
  1. Download an application form.
  2. Submit the completed application form to by e-mail.

* Application deadline for each session: Two days before your preferred tutorial date.


  • Since the writing instruction will be based on actual written work, you must bring your own paper (or select pages from your paper) on the day of the tutorial.The instructor will NOT instruct or give professional advice on the contents of your research.
  • Although each application is for one tutorial session, you must choose up to 3 preferences in case your preference conflicts with that of other students.
  • Please double space your text to allow room for corrections.
  • If you would like to take more than one tutorial session, you must submit an application form again. However, your next application will only be accepted AFTER your previous tutorial session.
  • If you would like to attend a tutorial session after the application deadline is over, please contact SEICO Inc. 072-237-5804 to check for openings.
  • This English Academic Tutorials is provided to you by Ritsumeikan University in cooperation with SEICO Inc.

For more information, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies:

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Chiaki Teranishi(Ms.)
Office of Graduate Studies
TEL: 075-465-8195 (KIC)