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Introduction of the Department
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Introduction of the Department
- Micro System Technology -
Micro System Technology is a big dream in the small world of micro machines like a cellular phone, an electromechanical system for the key component of a computer, actuators and sensors of sizes as small as a sesame, and ultra small machine for handling living cells in biotechnology.
Micro System Technology promises scientific and engineering outcomes indispensable for building an affluent society in 21st century.
The science and engineering of MEMS, being deployed in the invisibly small world, will promise a great innovation in every field such as medicine, healthcare, aerospace, information and communications, robotics, automobile, environment, biotechnology, and chemical analysis.
- Department of Micro System Technology -
The Department of Micro System Technology was opened in 2004 at the Faculty of Science and Engineering of Ritsumeikan University, as a new discipline of mechanical engineering, based on high social requests.
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