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About the Department of Micro System Technology
Towards the realization of micro machines concept to bring about breakthroughs in every field of science and engineering deploying in the microscopic world.
Advanced micro systems such as cellular phones of a small size, portable computers, actuators and sensors of sizes as small as a sesame, all such industrial products are realizations of micro electronic and mechanical system.
Micro electronic and mechanical systems are becoming indispensable tools for the realization of ubiquitous society and future technologies. Their applications field is deploying even toward the incredibly microscopic world no smaller than nano-meters.
Applications of the science and engineering of MEMS will bring a great innovation in every field such as medicine, healthcare, aerospace, information and communications, robotics, automobile, environment, biotechnology, and chemical analysis.
The Department of Micro System Technology was opened in 2004 at the Faculty of Science and Engineering of Ritsumeikan University, as a new discipline of mechanical engineering, based on high social requests.
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