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Our research tools

Live demo at IREX2015Torque-controlled hydraulic biped robotTorque-controlled excavatorTorque-controlled quadruped robotLive demo at IREX2013Pneumatic and hydraulic servo pressesTorque-controlled dual armTorque-controlled exoskeleton robot developed by ATR

International Students and Postdocs

Humanoid Systems Lab is offering the best research environment to explore state-of-the-art hydraulic humanoid robots, quadruped robots, exoskeleton robots, hydraulic excavators, and so on.

The most of the robots are torque-controlled, and all the key components including the software and microcontrollers are standardized so that the team members can "quickly" design and develop various robots to implement "dynamic" motion controller and/or machine learning algorithms.
Some of the members are responsible for software and controller, some for design and fabricating the hardware, and some for the both.
So you can learn not only how to build and control the robots, but also how to organize the development depending on the period of your stay in the laboratory.
As usual, all the robots are studied in some fund for some specific purpose.

Our lab is open to any international students and postdocs, from all over the world. There are various ways for you to join us:
If you are already a student of Ritsumeikan, please just contact us directly.
If you are interested in degree course in our university, please visit ourDegree Program, then email to Email2.jpg.
There are some Financial Aid Programs.
If you are interested in postdoc, please think applyingJSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships for Foreign Researchers, or other funds from your country.

We are closely collaborating with ATR Computational Neuroscience Lab, Department of Brain Robot Interface, where our laboratory is mainly taking care of hardware design and autonomous robotic control.
If you are interested in collaborating with both of us, just contact us, then we can tell you how to get involved in. The ATR student internship is also available